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How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy- Expert’s Advice

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 10, 2021
How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy- Expert’s Advice

Babies are blessings and when we see a woman who is pregnant, all we can think of is the bundle of joy she is about to bring on earth. For ladies and specifically those who are looking forward to being moms, there is no better feeling the movement of life inside you. The best moments of your pregnancy are when the baby kicks. Deciding to have a child is a momentous one. It is a decision of forever having your heart walking around outside your body. Whether your pregnancy is planned or happened by accident, one thing for sure is that you will be thinking about the pregnancy stretch marks. You will be wondering on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. First-time moms would also be wondering about the stretch mark pregnancies and what stretch marks are. Well, you are home; I will guide you on everything you will need to know about stretch marks.


A. What Are Stretch Marks?


What Are Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are small and depressed streaks around the skin and are seen mostly in the stomach in future stages of pregnancy. This happens when the stomach is expanding fast to accommodate the growing baby. At other times women also get them in other parts of the bodies such as buttocks, Thighs, hips, or breasts.


B. How Do You Get Stretch Marks?


Stretch Marks In Pregnancy


Stretch marks are stressful at times and when one wants to learn on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, the first ought to lean on how they come by. Stretch marks appear when one’s body has started growing faster than the rate of your skin. This makes elastic fibers under the surface of the skin to break leaving out stretch marks.


C. What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?


Stretch Marks During Pregnancy


Stretch marks are as a result of changes in the elastic supportive tissue that is under the skin. They can start out in different colors according to your skin color. The colors can be pink, purple, dark brown or even reddish brown. Around 85% of the women on earth have the marks during the 7th month. Stretch marks can be passed from a family lineage. If your mom had the stretch marks, you would definitely have them.

Rapid pregnancy weight can also make one likely to have stretch marks. Light Skinned women are likely to have them while dark-skinned ones are less likely. Hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy can also make one likely to get them. They can be caused when there is an increase in cortisone levels which in turn increase the severity of stretch marks through reducing the pliability of the skin.


D. Ways On How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy


1. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle


Stretch Marks During Pregnancy


This can be done through the following:


  • Having a Skin- Nourishing Diet


    Collagen and elastin fibers are necessary to make growing skin stronger. So, when you are thinking about how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you first need to have diets which help to form collagen. This can also be one of the best stretch mark prevention tips. Eat foods containing Vitamin E and C, Zinc and Silica that help form collagen. Foods full of antioxidants will help nourish and protect the skin. Those foods containing Vitamin A repair tissues on the skin. Eat carrots, sweet potatoes, mangos and squash for Vitamin A. meals full of Omega 3 promotes the skin to glow.


  • Drink a Lot Of Liquids


    Water promotes detoxification of the body and keeping the plump thus turning them healthy. Consume eight glasses of water daily. You can also take Herbal tea since it contains caffeine that keeps the body hydrated. Vegetables and fruits full or water are also important.


  • Perform Low Impact Workout

    This is another way of how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Exercises retain skins elasticity through improving circulation. They also help keep off additional weight gains. Pregnant women can do light jogging, swimming and pre-natal yoga.


  • Carefully Guard Your Weight

    When you gain too much weight, you will get stretch marks. Therefore, you will have to avoid overeating and give no room for cravings.




2. Guard Your Skin Through:


Prevent Stretch Marks



  • Daily Brushing


    Use a natural fiber dry brush that is made of with stiff bristles. Don’t brush your breast with such a brush since the skin around the breast skin is very sensitive.


  • Avoid Chemicals


    Most body washes have chemicals that dry the skin out reducing their elasticity. When learning on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, ensure you use cleansers containing natural oils as ingredients. If the skin is an easy to dry one, there is no need of cleansing it.


  • Use Natural Oils For Your Skin


    They keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. To prevent stretch marks, moisturize the skin during morning and evening hours after showering.


  • Apply Sunscreen


    If you are going out to the sun or swimming, ensure your body is covered with sunscreen in stretching prone sites.


3. Keeping Good Habits After Pregnancy


Pregnancy Stretch Mark Removal


After your pregnancy, don’t relent on going on with the good habits that prevent stretch marks pregnancy. The habits include:


  • Maintaining a Skin Friendly Diet– These diets help your skin to recover from stretching that might have occurred. Eat avocados, fish, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Also, continue drinking lots of liquids to hydrate the body.

  • Strengthen The Exercise Slowly– Do extensive workouts such as Yoga, biking and swimming to build up stronger muscles that help your skin tighten up.


With these tips, you are assured of having a healthy skin. However, if the stretch marks don’t heal, you can visit an experienced dermatologist.

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