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How To Shorten Your Period: Proven Remedies To End Your Period Faster

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated August 9, 2021
How To Shorten Your Period: Proven Remedies To End Your Period Faster

The menstrual cycle is a natural and regular change that happens in the reproductive system of the females that makes pregnancy possible. Menstruation being a monthly bleeding is always a vital part of women’s health. When one menstruates, the body sheds the lining of the uterus. Menstruation is one of the most stressful periods that women face every month. A woman is always that superpower that no man can compete. The way a woman spends her time during menstruation and finishes her errands and duties must be met with praises. During periods, ladies suffer a lot both physically and mentally. The pain accompanied by cramps during this period can’t go without being mentioned. Periods are bound to happen any time as long as one’s cycle is complete. You can get an important function or day such as seminars, vacations and office presentations coinciding with your period. The question that you can remain with is how to shorten your period when such a time knocks on your door. It is always possible to reduce your cycle and speed up the menstruation process. Various methods can be used to finish up menstruation in the shortest period. When you want to stop period or learn how to shorten period, the following seven techniques and methods can be used to help you out.


1. Drinking Plenty Water


Stop Period


Water is always good for your health. But, did you know that water can help you shorten menstruation? Well, drinking plenty of water can help reducing cramps and bloating of the stomach during menstruation. Learning on the exact amount of water you can drink a day can be somehow confusing. However, there is a mathematical method that can help you know the amount of water you can drink per day. You can divide your weight by two and drink as many ounces as the result you get. If you do body exercises regularly, ensure you replace the amount of water lost by drinking an extra amount of water several times a day. For a proper hydration, you are also advised to avoid carbonated drinks and caffeine since they increase cramps when menstruating. Water can turn out to be a magic potion when you are learning on how to shorten your period.


2. Drink Red Raspberry Tea


Shorten Period


When wondering on how to end the period in 3 days, you can get a remedy with raspberry tea. Several women have said that a daily dose of raspberry tea can be a simple way to shorten the period. Raspberry tea helps in fighting bleeding and relieves painful cramps. The red raspberry leaves are always consumed in the form of tea that contains alkaloids that help the uterus contract during labor. This fantastic urine toner can help reduce cramping effectively. The tea will help decrease profuse mental flow. Chaste berry fruit, on the other hand, controls levels of prolactin in women that trigger menstruation.


3. Use Of Birth Control Pills


Birth Control Pills


This is one of the effective remedies when you need to learn on how to shorten your period. When you take birth control pills for 21 days and follow them by placebo pills for a week, then you will be able to get the period in that week you had been taking the placebo pills. When you need to know how to make your period lighter, the hormonal contraceptives will be the safest way to shorten menstruation. For those who get painful and heavy periods. For ladies who would love to skip their periods, all they have to do is to skip the use of the placebo pills and instead use the contraceptives. However, the results and side effects for this option can be unpredictable. We hope that they help stop period pains and shorten them. Before using the pill, it is important to consult your doctor to know if they are fit for your consumption.


4. Have Sex And Masturbation


Shortening Your Period


Through sex, the orgasmic contractions will help push the shedding blood during menstruation fast thus helping in shortening your period. However, having sex during menstruation can be very messy. Therefore, it is advised to ensure that both you and your partner are okay with having sex during such times. The extra contractions during masturbation or when having sex taking place at the uterus helps in a faster shedding of the menstrual flow.




5. Practice Exercises Regularly


Exercise To Shorten Period


Exercises are also an effective way of offering a remedy on how to shorten your period. Ladies who are physically fit experience lighters periods as well as shorter periods. Scientists have proven that overweight women can experience long and heavier periods because of the amount of fat in their bodies, unlike the lightweight ladies. The periods may take longer since the cycle length, and amount of liquid coming from your body is determined by your weight. Regular exercises even when menstruating will help increase blood circulation in the body hence reduction of menstrual cramps thus reduction of the period. The regular exercises can, therefore, help when needing to know how to shorten your period.


6. Use Of Lemon Juice


Shorten Menstruation Cycle


For this remedy on how to shorten your period, all you will need is a lemon and a glass of water. The lemon water can be the best remedy whenever you want to shorten your periods. The remedy has been used for several years depending on the time one takes it. The acidic juice of the lemon helps detoxify the body as they help in shedding the uterine lining fast.


7. Increase Intake Of Fruits And Vegetables


Shorten Your Period


Healthy eating is always good for anybody. However, an increase in fruit and vegetable intake can help lighten up your period and even shorten it up. An example of the vegetable that can help lighten or stop the period is the green beans. On the other hand, some of the ladies have found sucking on a piece of lemon can stop the period temporarily. When learning on how to shorten periods, always remember that Vitamins K, C, A, B, and D can help eradicate heavy menstrual bleeding hence stop period.

There are other several ways such as the use of pads instead of menstrual tampons which can help you to stop period. Getting the right method that will work for you is another task. However, don’t feel shy about trying out the above methods till you get what will help you out.

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