How To Whiten Nails? Learn All The Tricks And Tips To Whiten Your Nails

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated March 15, 2024
How To Whiten Nails? Learn All The Tricks And Tips To Whiten Your Nails

Now, don’t you just love your nails looking all good and whitish every time? Well, having your nails turn pale or dull due to often application of different shades of nail polish and others could sometimes take the thrill away from your nails. And you just do not have any choice but to get the groove back on your fingernails to whiten nails. How do you do that? This article provides some of the fundamental tricks on how to whiten nails and get your groove back.

1) Why Do Your Nails Develop Stains?

Stain On Nails
Nails naturally become dull or discolored due to accumulated stains from nail polish. The second reason you nail could become stained could be as a result of a health problem involving the nail. Health issues that could lead to a stained or discolored nail include fungal infections. Sometimes, yellowish nails could be due to chronic lung conditions, arthritis or lymphatic obstructions. However, here in this article, the focus is on stains on the nail caused by the application of best nail polish.

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2) Easy Steps Or Tricks To Keep Those Nails Look White Again

Tricks To Keep Nails White

How do you make your nails whiter? Now, this is a very common question you find in the online community and I have got just the right answer for you. So, here is what to do: for whiten nails.

3) How To Make Nails White And Shiny

Ways To Make Nails White

a. The Soaking Method

Here are some excellent methods on how to make nails white and shiny:

Lemon Juice & Soapy water approach

Acidic content of the lemon juice can help eliminate tough stains on the nails. Soap water removes unwanted materials on the nail by binding them together before washing away. So, a combination of both is a perfect match.

Mix one quarter cup lemon juice with one cup warm water and two tablespoons of mild liquid soap into a bowl. Then deep nails inside for five minutes before rinsing white nails under running warm water. To prevent dry skin, you should apply a moisturizing cream.

Alternatively, you could cut the lemon into two and then rub on the nails for 60 seconds and then leave on nails for another 20 minutes before rinsing your hands under running warm water. Or using a cotton swab apply sizeable portions of the juice on the nail tips, underneath and the entire nail surface then rinse afterward.

b. Using commercial cleansing products

On how to whiten nails, a denture cleanser could be one of the effective ways to whiten nails. It contains active agents to remove tough stains and help whiten the nails.

Purchase a denture cleaning tablet from your local store and dissolve in water following the available instructions. Deep fingernails into the mixture for five minutes before rinsing your hand under running warm water. Dab to dry and apply lotion afterward. You could repeat this process twice a week.

On how to whiten nails home remedies or how to whiten yellow nails using other soaking approaches such as with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda or using white vinegar read through to the bottom of this page.

c. The Scrubbing Method : Whitening Toothpaste Approach

Toothpaste contains keratin that helps in whitening your teeth and could be effective to whiten nails.

Put sizeable portions of whitening toothpaste on each nail and then using a nail brush or a toothbrush no longer in use to scrub cuticle nail tips and entire nail area. Leave for five minutes before rinsing white nail under running warm water. Repeat twice to thrice weekly for better results.

d. Nail polish remover approach

If you stained your nails, you could use a nail polish remover containing acetone to get rid of it substantially.

Soak cotton bud in the nail polish remover and scrub the affected nails. Leave for about 30 seconds. If no results then you need to try something else.

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4) How Do I Whiten My Yellow Fingernails?

How To Whiten Yellow Nails
On how to make nails white from yellow first I understand that causes could have been due to fungal infections or nail polish stains and that’s something you need to note too.

How to Whiten Yellow Nails, therefore, can include any of these strategies underneath

a. Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide Approach

Baking soda is an excellent home agent for odor control and the removal of stains. Hydrogen peroxide also has stain removing capabilities and can sip through the fingernails to remove stubborn stains that have been caused by nail polish. The use of baking soda helps replace an acidic pH level environment with one that has alkaline. So, the combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is an excellent remedy for both dealing with fungal infections or brittle nails and removing stains effectively.

Simply pour one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and two and a half tablespoon of baking soda into a bowl of warm water of about 1 cup or 250 ml. Then soak your nails deep in the warm water for some minutes before rinsing white nails under running water. You could repeat the process after five minutes for better results and to make the nails looking brighter.

Alternatively, you could make a paste using the same composition of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Get a piece of a cotton swab to apply reasonable portions of the mixture on nail tips, entire surface on one hand and underneath the nails as well. Allow sipping through the nails for about three to five minutes before rinsing white nails under running warm water. Now go ahead to do the same thing to the second hand. You can repeat this procedure every six weeks as a way on how to whiten nails and keep them looking healthy.

b. Tea Tree Or Oregano Oil Approach

The tea tree oil approach is an easy remedy to get rid of fungal infections that cause the discoloration of your nails. Research indicates that it has the capacity to stop the further growth of the fungi activity on the nails. The Oregano oil also has anti-microbial value based on research findings and can provide healing for bacterial and fungal infections. So, when you are in doubt as to the cause of the yellowish patch or the discoloration on the nails you could use either the tea tree or oregano oil.

Mix two drops of tea tree oil or the oregano oil with either one tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil and dab the mixture both on and under the fingernails for effective cure. Leave for about five minutes before rinsing nails under running warm water. You can repeat the procedure for adequate results.

c. Vitamin E

If you have an issue with rigid and discolored nails with yellowish patches vitamin E can help return moisture back to the nails. Studies show that vitamin E provide effective treatment for yellow nail syndrome so to make nails look healthier and for growing nails stronger and faster apply vitamin E or take them orally.

The above remedies are also how to whiten nails home remedies you could try out as a way to know how to whiten yellow nails.

5) How To Whiten Nails With Vinegar

Whiten Nails With Vinegar

On how to whiten nails with vinegar the use of vinegar can help eliminate stains and particles from the nails due to the acidic composition of vinegar. As a way to whiten the nails ensure to use white vinegar only as other types of vinegar could further stain the nails due to the color components they carry. Simply add 1 tablespoon which of white vinegar into a cup of warm water and soak your nails inside for close to 10 minutes. Afterwards, rinse your nails under running lukewarm water and dab with a clean napkin to dry. To prevent skin from becoming dry apply lotion to it and see the magical transformation.

6) Nail Cleaning Tips At Home

Nail Cleaning Tips

a. Besides using most of the home remedies above, you could purchase a nail whitening pencil from your local store. Then add a little moisture and color up your nail tips and entire surface for immediate whitening.

b. You could use a nail buffer on some occasion to keep nails clean. But if you have light nails it might not be too effective as it makes your nails thinner.

c. Always apply a base coat before applying your nail polish. It helps strengthen nails and makes it easier to avoid color stains on nails. Beside base coat covers up any crack on the nail.

d. You could use lemon juice and salt as a scrub also. It serves as a cleanser, whitens nails and as a buffer.

e. On how to whiten nails and for a hand and nail rinsing after any procedure or approach always use warm water and dab dry before applying moisturizers.

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