Checkout the Iconic Lips Makeup Guide

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 23, 2018

Iconic Lips Makeup Guide

Did you know that our lips is the most noticeable and eye catching part of our face? Yes, that’s true! That’s why we should learn how to enhance it and make it even more noticeable! Whenever you feel too lazy to put on full makeup, just simply swipe on lipstick, and your face will look more vibrant and beautiful.

Are you already tired of the usual red lipstick or the more popular (but is now getting a bit boring) nude shades? Well, we got you, fam! We totally understand how boring and tiring it is to put on the same shade of lipstick every single day.

Because of this, we have decided to help you out! Now is the perfect time for you to spice up your lip beauty routine and try out something new! In this video, we bring to you 4 iconic lip looks that all beauty junkie should know about! When you hit that play button, you can discover what are the latest eye catching lipstick shades that you can take advantage of! And that’s not all! We will also provide you a short tutorial on how to achieve these iconic looks!

We hope you are ready to rock bolder and brighter lips! If you are, then go on and hit that play button!

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