Inspirational Mother’s Day Stories That Will Make You Cry

Written by Cherilyn Somerhalder, Modified October 23, 2018
Inspirational mother’s day stories

Mothers—no person can be able to live without them. They are our unlimited source of strength, love, care and understanding and we’d be lost without them.

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and we hope that you have planned something special for the first woman who will always love you for who you are. If you haven’t yet, here are some inspirational mother’s day stories that will remind you why you should.

Bob and Ms. Thatcher


Bob and Ms. Thatcher
Ms. Thatcher has been teaching Mathematics in a primary school for about three months now. By now, she has already gained a great understanding of her students except one—Bob. This boy always attends her classes dressed untidily. In addition to that, the boy’s class performance is far from superior.

One day, Bob was not able to answer (yet again) a simple question that the teacher asked him and his classmates laughed at him. After that class, Ms. Thatcher decided to go through Bob’s progress reports to figure out what was wrong, she was shocked to discover that Bob used to be at the top of his class, but his performance gradually declined when his mother got ill, and he was failing in every subject after his mother passed away.

In addition to having bad grades, the reports also showed that Bob’s nature began to change. He no longer laughs and shows no interest in school activities. He slowly becomes aloof and antisocial.

The next day, she asked Bob to stay behind after class. She talked to Bob and asked him if he was having some problems understanding the lessons. She made Bob feel safe and secure, so he can share and talk to her. After class, Ms. Thatcher spent time to talk to Bob and teach him a few lessons. Within three weeks, Bobs’ performance started to improve. He is now participating in class. More than that, he started to become friendly again.

One Friday, Bob went up to her and handed her a box with a request that she will only unwrap the box come Sunday. On Sunday morning, she opened the box and saw a half-filled bottle of perfume. In a letter, Bob told her that the perfume used to be his mother’s and he wishes that Ms. Thatcher would wear it so he would feel that his mom is near him every time Ms. Thatcher is around. He also thanked her for everything she has done for him.

After reading the letter, she took the bottle of perfume and found a tag that says “Happy Mother’s Day!”. She took a look at the calendar and realized that it was the second Sunday of May.

The Dying Mom’s Dedication To Bringing Joy to Her Family


Dying Mom’s Dedication
In 2011, Susan Spencer- Wendel was diagnosed with a fatal disease called ALS. But instead of focusing on the negative things in life, she decided to take it as an opportunity to create long-lasting positive memories with her family. She created a bucket list that includes taking her 14-year-old daughter to try on wedding dresses in NYC, spending the 10th birthday of his son swimming with the dolphin and taking her 10-year-old daughter to a trip to the tropics. She was dedicated to bringing joy to her family before the disease ate away her muscles, even to the point that she was just typing out her thoughts because she can no longer speak. Even at the worst moment of her life, this mother is dedicated to giving her family the best time of their lives. What an inspiration!


A Mother’s Unconditional Love


Mother’s Unconditional Love
One evening, as she was cooking for dinner, her son came up to him and gave him a piece of paper. She has no idea what’s in it. When she took a look at it, this is what she saw:

  • For mowing the lawn: $5.00
  • For cleaning up my room: $3.00
  • For buying stuff at the grocery: $1.00
  • For looking after my brother while you are away: $7.00
  • For getting good grades: $10.00
  • For taking out the trash: $3.00
  • Total amount that you owe me: $29.00

She took a look at his son after reading the note. She did not say anything. But memories flashed through her mind. She then picked up the pen, and on the other side of the paper, she wrote this:

  • For the 9 months that I have carried you in my womb: $0.00
  • For the sleepless nights that I have breastfed, looked after, worried sick about and nursed you: $0.00
  • For all the tears and pain I have experienced every time you shouted back at me: $0.00
  • For all the nights I stayed up late to wait for you while you were out partying: $0.00
  • For all the times I have to give up taking care of myself to make sure that you will have everything you need: $0.00

Son, when you add all these up, the cost of my love for you is: Priceless. It doesn’t come with a cost because my love for you is unconditional.

As the boy reads the note, tears well up in his eyes. He, then, took the pen from his mother’s hand and he wrote this across the note he first made: PAID IN FULL.

We hope that these inspirational Mother’s day stories have reminded you of the love, care and understanding your mother has showered you. Now, go home and show your mom how much you love her!


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