This Makeup Artist Paints Her Eyes Which We Can’t Stop Staring At

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified April 19, 2018

Complex makeup looks require the right art for you to realize exactly what you need. It involves keenness and passion of the artist. Makeup artist can help put real bugs on the face to enhance your beauty and assists you realize a glittery lash appearance by gluing tinsel to the eye lashes. It is all about the creativity of the artist and you can get what you want.

Kristen Jones is such a makeup artist. She is well-known to paint recognized individuals or the cartoon characters on your eyelids. She is the artist behind @drownthecityy, an instagram account. In this account, she paints extremely cool and complex faces over her eyelids and eyebrows. These faces include Dustin from the Stranger Things, Chuckie Finster from the Rugrats and Post Malone.

She asserts that she takes about twenty to thirty minutes for her to paint regular cartoon characters. It takes about one hour or one and a half hours for her to paint real people. This is so because painting an individual requires breakdown for you to get it right. This instagram account has 124 posts only. The posts include “classic” looks such as hazy neutral eye or bronzed smoky eye.

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Interestingly, Kristen is followed by 17,000 people who are amazed by her posts. Their responses are overwhelming and they have showed their love and interest for her work. Phrases such as “Omgg I love this”, “Amazing” and “YESSSSSS” are common in her posts. She is praised because of her work, although Kristen says that she does this just for fun. Therefore, it seems that being a makeup artist is one of her hobbies.

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She admits that, in real life, she enjoyed drawing and this has helped her do the characters well and amazed her followers. Kristen Jones does makeup regularly as it is her job. Turning makeup to different thing is of much fun to her. Her job as makeup artist is an inspiration to anyone who is still finding it challenging with the essentials of applying eyeliner.

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