Know More About Justin Bieber, One Of The Young YouTube Sensation

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Justin Bieber

Who is Justin Bieber? Some few years ago, he was just an ordinary kid with a video on Youtube. Fast forward to present day, that video in 2009 has an astounding 53 million views. Well, that’s just the start. Now, a few million views on his videos are like a flop. His top hit song on Youtube, Sorry, has 2.6 billion views and it is getting higher every day!

He was nine years old when he started posting videos on Youtube. The young boys’ talent struck Scooter Braun, a talent manager, and immediately known that Bieber has a bright future. He followed young Bieber on his small-time gigs in 2007 and finally decided to contact Patricia (Bieber’s mother), and persuaded her that her son has a career in music.

What’s Justin Bieber age now? Well, he’s just 23, and he had accomplished many amazing musical feats! What about stuff other than singing?
Here are some things about Justin Bieber for all you Beliebers out there!


1. Bieber At Thirteen


bieber at thirteen


At thirteen years old, the young boy was recording demo tapes at Atlanta. What do you know? After a week, he was singing for Usher! This Youtube sensation kid is making huge leaps in the music industry! While still recording his debut album, his song “One-time” was released on the radio and took the number 12 slot on Canadian Hot 100 and number 17 on Billboard Hot 100.


2. When Puberty Hits


Isn’t it cool that after his first album, hearing his second album sounds like a different person? Well, Mr. Bieber was not immune to puberty! Like many other young male singers, the voice quality differentiates when puberty hits. In Bieber’s case, his voice deepened and had a more masculine definition. Unfortunately, he was starting to get difficulties in reaching some notes on the higher register.


3. Forty Songs


Forty Songs


To date, Bieber has recorded four studio albums since 2008. Many of his songs have stayed in the Hot 100 lists internationally and have garnered multiple platinum! As of today, he had sold 61 million records in the US alone! This is evidence that Justin Bieber music hits hard!


4. Bieber Likes Getting Inked


This one may be obvious. Bieber likes getting inked. In total, he has 59 tattoos, and the full sleeve and half sleeve only count as one each! Bieber got his first tattoo on his sixteenth birthday. It was a seagull on his hip. This is a family tradition and kind of a rite of passage in the Bieber clan. This represents that he was ready to fly and learn life on his own.


5. Bieber Is Friends With Will Smith


bieber is friends with will smith


In some tough time in 2016, Will Smith paid Bieber a visit on May for a three-hour talk! Wow! It’s Will Smith! From that day, the friendship grew and developed in a more sophisticated mentor-apprentice relationship.


6. Wide Range Of Inspiration


Bieber is mainly singing pop with huge R&B elements. But if you look at his music influence, you’d be surprised to see that he has a favorite artist in different timelines! He likes Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. There is no denying that he loves Usher’s work. He’s a fan of Justin Timberlake too! He like Boys II Men too. And from a timeline far away from his own, he likes The Beatles!


7. Justin Is Not a Cat Person


Justin Is Not a Cat Person


The singer once confessed that he can do without a cat. He had this horrible nightmare that he was being chased by the cat. After a long and frightful chase, the cat gnawed him, and he woke up. That was when he realized that he is not a cat person! Justin like dogs, by the way.


8. Loves Disney!


Well, for beliebers out there who followed him since he was young, you know that he, too, used to be a child! And who doesn’t love Disney land? Even adults have a great time at Disney! Back when Justin wasn’t famous, he used to perform on the streets. He managed to save up three thousand dollars and brought her mom to Disney. Now, isn’t that sweet?


9. Undeniable Musicality


Undeniable Musicality


Having a song on the top 40 list is something musicians dream about. In 2015, four of Justin’s song took a number on the top 40 list even before publishing his album “Purpose”! He is the first in history to achieve this! This fellow is really gifted. By the way, all his five albums were number one in the US!
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10. Beyond Singing


Justin not just a gifted musician. When he was two years old, he started to play drums! His love for music rooted from the toddlerhood! He taught himself how to play the trumpet and guitar too. And aside from that, he also loves back flips and learned it by himself.


11. Justin Loves Romance


Justin Loves Romance


He loves watching romantic movies. He especially loves “The Notebook” and would always cry no matter how many times he watches it!


12. Geeky Bieber Side


If you think Justin is all music, you are wrong! The singer has a geeky side up his sleeve! He can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than two minutes! Wait, two minutes is a bit too long. He can solve it in a little shy from 90 seconds!


13. If Not a Singer, Bieber Would Be…


If Not a Singer, Bieber Would Be


Justin says if he is not a singer, he would have been an architect. Can you imagine Bieber designing some cool hotel and casino stuff? Well, you probably can’t because he’s too good at singing he wouldn’t have a chance on being an architect!


14. Justin Tweets Worth a Fortune


Because of his fame and huge pool of followers, the singer’s tweet is estimated to cost fifty thousand dollars! Yep! Fifty thousand dollars for every single tweet! No wonder he’s got many endorsements and sponsors!


15. The Iconic Hairstyle


The Iconic Hairstyle


The pop icon had definitely made his style noticeable, and many boys (and girls!) are copying his hairstyle! Unfortunately, his hairstyle will cost you! You can have this Bieber hairstyle for a hundred fifty to seven hundred fifty dollars!

No everyone is a Belieber. Some people are not fond of Justin Bieber, but that’s okay! We all have our differences, and the haters will always hate! As long as there are talented people, there will be people who will not like them! Don’t mind them; there are just a few of them!

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