Sexy Kissing Techniques And Tips That Will Stun Him In No Time

Written by Gracie Allen, Modified February 21, 2018
Kissing Techniques 

The best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times before it reaches the lips. And when you get the exact kiss, you would like it to be the real definition of the best kiss. But how do we measure the worthiness of a kiss? It is through how nice, sweet and passionate it is. However, most people kiss, but they don’t know how to kiss well. So, what are the kissing techniques that will stun him? For starters, we will start from the beginning. You first need to learn the tips of how to kiss before learning the best kissing techniques.

  • Tips For Learning How To Kiss

    How To Kiss

    Before kissing a guy, a lady would always want to know all the details so that they can never go wrong. Most of them rush towards learning complex kissing techniques before learning how to kiss first. But there is another group of the shy ones. So, they are always left asking themselves questions such as, “How do I move my lips?” The only advice one can get is that this will come naturally. So for learners, it is easy, here are simple tips that will help you when learning.

    1. Moving In

    This being the first step, it begins with maintaining the eye contact with that of your partner while your faces remain nearby. Kissing will happen when the eye contact is intense. One should then lean their faces towards that of the other person in a maintained eye contact. When faces are close, tilt head to one side and slowly close your eyes as you part your lips.

    2. Lip Contact

    How To Kiss Well

    When lips touch the best position should be where the upper lip is in between your partner’s lips and your lower lip just below their lip.

    3. Moving Your Lips

    When kissing, there are various ways to move your kiss. As you will be learning, you will acquire different kissing techniques. However, the basic one is that you will not be kissing and pulling away. Instead, you should maintain lip contact during and between each pulled peck.

    4. Practice

    Kissing Tips

    You don’t need your partner to practice. You can make a fist and face your palm towards you. You then raise the middle and pointy finger in a peace sign. Keep them slightly parted. Tilt your hand to the side, and you would now be having makeshift lips. Pretend the top figure is your partner’s upper lips and the bottom one is their lower lip.

    With the above tips on learning how to kiss, you would have now learned how to kiss, tried it and ready to learn more kissing techniques. Various kissing tips can help one know the things to do while kissing. Here are some of the best kissing tricks to turn him on.


  • Techniques For Kissing

    1. The Kissing Triangle

    This is an enjoyable kissing technique though not the easiest to perform. However, if you need something different and hot, then this is among the best kissing techniques to try out. It is the best position for any face to face sexual position. Start by kissing him on the lips as you usually do. Start a slow transition from kissing the lips on the cheek then to the neck and then back to the lips. These are the three places that make the kissing triangle.

    2. Nibble, Nibble

    Kissing Tips To Turn Him On

    When trying to improve your kissing techniques, the biggest focus should be on what to do with your lips. This technique is more of using your teeth when kissing your partner. There is both the right and the wrong way to use the teeth. The right way is being gentle and soft while the wrong one is being rough and forceful. When kissing your man on the lips, slowly transition from using lips to squeeze his lips on your teeth gently. Then, pull backward leaving his lips sliding on your teeth. You can also do this to his bottom and top lip. Ensure you don’t hurt him.

    3. Hands On

    To make kissing more joyful, you have to get the rest of your body involved and in particular your hands. Use them by wrapping them around your partner or even run them down the body of your partner. Ensure you touch his most erogenous zone. The hands should also be used to pull your man closer to you.


    4. Little Sucking

    Things To Do While Kissing

    Slowly pulling backward when your partner’s lip is in between your teeth allows his lips to slide out from your teeth gently. Now, on this technique, sucking won’t be hard. Just suck them as you would do on a lollipop. Take one of his lips to your mouth and gently suck it. Always be gentle for more pleasure. This being one of the kissing tricks to turn him on, you won’t stop your man from groaning and morning.

In conclusion, when kissing ensure gentleness takes the entire course. A gentle kiss will always achieve much pleasure. With the above kissing tips, you will never get it wrong again.

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