Kylie Jenner Style: Kylie Jenner Has a Style We Can All Learn From

Written by Denyelle Nelson, Modified October 24, 2017
Kylie Jenner Style

Kylie Jenner, younger sister of Kim Kardashian- West is calling shots on their own these days. The 19-year-old reality star has been super successful in her cosmetics beauty line “Kylie Cosmetics.” Beauty influencers around the world can’t stop talking about, including her lip kits. Kylie has been debuting her inspired lip kits in collaboration with her sisters Kim and Khloe.


1. Kylie Promoting Her Cosmetics Line


Kylie Promoting Her Cosmetics Line


2.Kylie Team With Flauntmagazine


Kylie Team With Flauntmagazine


Not to mention she has a clothing line with her sister Kendall Jenner, as well as being endorsed by Puma and getting paid for Instagram promotions post causing her to make anywhere from $4k and up.


Kylie's World


Kylie has also landed her reality that is a spin off from the Kardashian’s called ‘Kylie’s World,’ that will debut this fall on the E Channel. Yes! Miss Jenner is undoubtedly setting trends and showing millenniums how to get things done. Which makes Kylie 2017’s most influential person.


Kylie Jenner


This Jenner is building an empire of her own. Let’s not leave out the best part of it all. STYLE of Course!


3.Check Out How Kylie Handles Business In Style


kylie handles business


Kylie has kept it no secret that she wears wigs and even has and a glam room where she keeps them safe and stored.



4.Wig Room Pic


kylie wig room


5.Let’s Check Out Her Hair Style Trends


kylie hair style trends


Kylie Jenner Black Dress


Kylie Rocking This Beautiful Blonde Wig


6.Check out Kylie rocking this Beautiful Blonde Wig


kylie blonde wig


7.Now Let’s Talk Jenner Fashion: This Jenner Shys Away From Style


Jenner Fashion


Jenner is seen here in NYC stepping out rocking long trench leather coat paired a black one piece jumpsuit and Metallic Heels.


Metallic Heels




8.Kylie Makes Running Errands Look Easy When Dressing In This Beautiful Matching Set


Kylie Makes Running Errands Look Easy


Let’s Talk Jenner and Balmain; Kylie steps out in Balmain Style more than we can count from her day to day regular coffee runs to her business appearances.


Kylie steps out in Balmain Style


Jenner and Balmain


Kylie Jenner makes a statement in the Adidas brand; this Jenner can sell anything she puts on, and many of her fans can’t get enough of this Jenner doll.


Jenner can sell anything she puts on


body suits and jeans.


Now, of Course, we know the Kardashians and Jenner girls are known body suits and jeans. But the youngest of them all knows how to put the edge on a pair of denim jeans and any suit, whether she is wearing the style alone or adding a jacket to it, Kylie never goes wrong with this one.


Kylie Jenner sums up being young


Kylie Jenner sums up being young, stylish, an entrepreneur and living her life by her standards.

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