Laser Tattoo Removal Facts You Should Definitely Know About

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 18, 2017
Laser Tattoo Removal Facts You Should Definitely Know About

If you ask some people about what their greatest regret is, the most common answer that you would most probably get is their tattoo. If you are reading this article, then you might be one of these people, and you are trying to find a way on how to get rid of your tattoo.

Lucky for you, there are now plenty of ways on how you can remove your tattoo. One of the most popular methods that we have nowadays is the laser tattoo removal. If you want to determine if this method is suitable for you, here are some of the facts that you need to know.


1. Tattoo Removals Are Not Guaranteed To Work


tattoo laser removal


Does laser tattoo removal work? This is the first question that would surely come to mind. To be honest, the answer is laser tattoo removal method works-in most cases. This is because there are certain kinds of tattoos that are quite difficult to remove.

To determine if this method will work well for you, it is best that you consult with tattoo removal specialists if your tattoo will completely fade away using this method.


2. Tattoo Removal Is Done In Sessions


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Another thing that you should understand is that your tattoo will not be removed in just one sitting. It will fade away with every session and sometimes, it would require up to ten sessions before the tattoo will be completely removed. It is best to ask the specialist how many sessions you will need to undergo before you start the treatment.



3. The Effect Of The Removal Method May Vary Depending On The Location Of The Tattoo


laser tattoo removal effects


How fast or how many sessions of tattoo removal method you may need will depend on where the tattoo is located. The nearer the tattoo is to the heart, the faster the tattoo will fade. That’s because the blood circulation is better in those parts.

If your tattoo is located on your legs or hands, it may take a while for it to fade.


4. There Are Different Types Of Lasers Used To Remove The Tattoo


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For your information, there are different types of tattoo removal lasers that are being used today. The different colors of tattoos may require different laser wavelengths to be removed. If the tattoo leaves behind pigmentation, another type of laser is needed to remove it.

Because of this, you need to do your research about the different types of tattoo lasers to determine which is most suitable for your condition.



5. There Will Be Some Side Effects


laser tattoo removal side effects


This treatment comes with a few side effects. The most common ones are inflammation, swelling, blisters, redness, lightening or darkening of the skin.

Laser tattoo removal is relatively safe, but you have to ensure that the procedure will be carried out by a qualified specialist. Plus, you also need to take into consideration a variety of factors (the ones we have mentioned above) to ensure that the procedure will be effective and safe for you.

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