Latest Beauty Trends That You’ll Surely Gonna Love This Season

Written by Gracie Allen, Modified October 16, 2018
Latest Beauty Trends

Year after year, women look forward to the emerging beauty trends, and the beauty industry has never failed them. Each year, they surprise us with something new and innovative. In fact, it is one of the few reasons why we are excited to leave the past year behind!

For the past few years, we have seen big developments in the beauty arena. Some are super loved by many, a few are acceptable, but there are some that we would rather not try. But this 2017, it looks like things are looking up and it seems like we have plenty of new beauty trends 2017 to enjoy!

We, bet you are more than excited to know what the latest beauty trends are so without further ado, here are the beauty trends of 2017 that you will look forward to!


1. Mermaid Eyes


Mermaid Eyes


When we were younger, many of us have dreamt of becoming a mermaid because why not? They have a charming yet mysterious personality paired with a mesmerizing face. This 2017, your dream will finally become a reality! In fact, runways of 2017 have been filled with models with mesmerizing mermaid eyes.
This trend is done by applying different colors on your eyelids—purple on the inner half, blue on the outer half, green under the eyes and gold in the inner corner. Blend them all, and you are good to go!


2. Ultra Long Straight Hair


Ultra Long Straight Hair


Well, the hair industry will also take center stage this year and the biggest trend would be having extra long hair. Well, this does not come as a surprise since we have already seen many celebrities sporting them—Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and many more!


3. Belted Pony


Belted Pony


Coming second, we have the belted pony as the second biggest hair trend this year. From the look at the front, it just seems like another low-slung ponytail that we have seen for the past few years but take a look at the back and you can see that, it comes with a great addition—a fabric belt fastened over the elastic. We love putting belts on our outfits so there is no doubt we would love to wrap around a belt on our hair too!


4. Glitter Lips


Glitter Lips


This year, it is the time for your lips to shine and we mean that in the most literal way possible! Before last year came to an end, Pat McGrath introduced an eye-catching trend—the glitter-dusted lips and it will still, continue to reign this year! The look may seem complicated but it is quite easy to achieve. Just apply lipstick, swipe gloss over it then apply glitter using your ring finger.


5. Blinged Out Nails


Blinged Out Nails


We have been treating our nails as arts and crafts project since decades ago. But this year, our arts and crafts project will be taken to a whole new level because this time, the trend involves blings—lots of it! While the trend looks intimidating, it is actually very easy (and surprisingly affordable too!) to do. You just need to apply nail polish then add large gem stone using a nail glue. For the smaller gems, you can apply it using a top coat. Let it dry then apply one last layer of top coat and you already have jewelry-encrusted nails!



6. Matte Eyelids


Matte Eyelids


For the past few years, we have seen a rise in the popularity of matte beauty products—from lipstick to blush on to nail polish. But let us admit it, wearing full on matte makeup can be a bit harsh, especially during daylight so the best thing that you can do is to highlight only one feature at a time and this year, it is out eyelids’ turn!


7. Underliner




We have spent a good amount of 2000’s perfecting the eyeliner styles and trends, but this year, we have yet another task to accomplish—the underliner. This year, it looks like we will be spending our time doing the same eyeliner styles that we used to do but this time, it will be inverted—we will be applying them on the lower lash line! Some of the underliner trends to look out for are upside down cat eye and bright or glittered under liner.


8. Faded Lips


Faded Lips


We have given the matte lips their moment. We also have spent a huge chunk of our time achieving the perfectly polished look. So it just make sense that we give our hand-eye coordination skills a big break this year. This time, we will be embracing imperfections with the faded lip trend wherein the edges of our lips are more diffused and the lipstick color will be more focused at the center of our lips.


9. Going Bare


Going Bare


And no, we don’t mean removing your clothes and walking down the street! What we mean is stepping out in public sans the makeup! With all the beauty trends and makeup products in store for us, this very simple idea seems a bit crazy, right? But Alicia Keys dared to go bare last year and we think it’s time to follow suit. Just let your skin take one day off from all the beauty products you are putting in it. Do it. We promise, it won’t hurt!


10. Blorange Hair Color


Blorange Hair Color


We cannot end this post without sharing at least one hair trend, and we chose this one because we know it will be a big hit, especially during the winter season! The hair color is actually a mix of summer and winter with its blonde and orange hair color combination. Anyone will surely love this washed out dye job, but please be warned—this hair color can be a bit difficult to manage and maintain.

The best beauty trends await you this year! So what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest mall or beauty shop near you and jump on the bandwagon! You are surely going to love these amazing and unique trends this year!

“Hope you find the post helpful and we excited to hear what you think of it!”

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