You Can’t Afford To Make These Lipstick Mistakes

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 24, 2017
Lipstick Tips and Tricks

Lipstick Tips And Tricks

When it comes to lipstick, many women think that they have it all figured out. After all, you just have to swipe these on your lips and you are good to go, right? Wrong. There is more to lipstick than you think. You may not notice this but there are a few lipstick mistakes that you commit which prevents you from achieving gorgeous lips.

To help you out, we have enumerated these lipstick mistakes that you should avoid committing. Here they are:


Not exfoliating the lips before applying lipstick.

For smooth and flawless lipstick application, you should get rid of dry and chapped lips. This can be done by exfoliating using toothbrush and sugar scrub before applying lipstick.


Not using lipliner.

Applying lip liner will help you achieve a long-lasting lipstick look that will not feather out. Make sure to apply lipstick first so you can determine where to apply your lip liner.


Using too dark lipliner.

This is one of the most common and biggest lipstick blunders that women commit. To create a well defined lip, color your lip fully, then blend the lipstick with your lip liner that is almost the same shade.


Choosing a lip shade that makes your lip look smaller.

Women with thin and small lips think that bold colors will make their lips more noticeable but it does the opposite. Instead, it is recommended that you opt for shimmery, shiny and bright lipstick shade.


Applying too many layers.

Many women think that the best way to enhance the color of their lipstick is to add too many layers. But instead, it will also lead to a lot of mess. Stick with applying two layers. That’s all you need.


Using a tissue to blot lips.

To help the lipstick to stay put, blotting it after application is necessary. But using tissue is a no-no as it tends to leave residue behind and may cause breakage. Instead, use a piece of paper to remove excess oils.


Not setting your lips.

In addition to blotting your lips, dusting a setting powder on top of your lips before applying lipstick will extend its life.


Applying too much lip gloss.

When applying gloss, just add a dab in the center of the lips to achieve natural look and shine.


Not protecting the teeth.

Lipstick on the teeth is not a great sight to behold. To prevent this, protect your teeth by sticking a finger in your mouth and closing the lips around it. After application, slowly pull it out and you have lipstick-free teeth.


Starting from the wrong point.

When applying lipstick, apply in the center of the lips first and it will be easier for you to achieve even color that does not go outside the lip line.


Using light shades for big lips.

Light shades tend to make lips bigger. For women with fuller lips, purple and peachy pink shades are recommended.

Now that you are already familiar with these lipstick mistakes, you are one step closer to gorgeous and fuller lips.

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