Melania Trump Goes To SOTU Speech With Guests, Not POTUS, Wearing All-White

Written by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Modified November 27, 2019
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First lady Melania Trump appeared for President Trump’s first State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill Tuesday night, riding to the Capitol in a car without her husband and choosing instead to “honor” her SOTU guests by escorting them herself.

1. Any Problem In The Trump Household?

The first lady did not arrive together with her husband, which is quite different from the norm. A move coming from a very independent first lady, this should not come as a total surprise. The motorcade that started in the White House South Lawn is just a few minutes away from the Capitol Hill, but since the first couple has not been photographed or seen together in public since the New Year’s Eve, some concerns about their marriage were expressed.

She came in just a minute of the scheduled start of the speech and was welcomed with a standing ovation. She sat in between 12-year-old Preston Sharp and Ryan Holets, a New Mexico police officer, two of her fifteen honorable guests. She has her own special box, along with her honorable group. Her guests are comprised of notable individuals who have exhibited heroism or have been through so much and survived. Preston Sharp, for instance, organized an effort to place 40, 000 flags and flowers at the graves of soldiers who have dedicated their life for the country. Ryan Holets, on the other hand, adopted the child of an opioid-addicted woman.

2. Breaking The Tradition

When Stephanie Grisham, the communications director of the first lady, was asked regarding the first lady’s bold move on breaking tradition, she countered that the first lady opted to ride with her honorable guests to the big speech to recognize and honor the guests for the real heroes that they are. White House Secretary Sarah Sanders also backed up the reason by stating that the First Lady rode her own car to the event for no other reason aside from the intention of being able to greet the guests personally and that the President will be able to go straight in.

Grisham stated beforehand that apart from the White House Reception and her company to the ride to the Capitol, the 15 guests she invited will have photo opportunity along with family and friends and experience an intimate meet and greet with Mrs. Pence and the first lady, the wife of the US Vice President, to get to know these individuals better before the speech.

Having guests on the State of The Unions has always been a tradition for the first families. The guests are usually invited to solidify the claims of what the government has achieved for the past year and to provide an idea as to how the flow of the speech will go and what will be the main points the President will be addressing. However, unlike the First Couples in the past, such as Barack and Michelle Obama and George and Laura Bush, walking together from the White House to the limo and taking the drive all the way to where the SOTU will be held was included in that tradition. Grisham explained the FLOTUS’s move was due to her desire to host a different event to provide more exposure and grant honor to the heroic individuals and give them a chance to share their personal experiences.

3. The Unconventional, Independent And Stylish First Lady

Melania Trump remained to be dutiful of her role as the first lady, despite always going for the unconventional route. All eyes were on the clothes outfit she wore to the event, an all-white ensemble. She wore a Dior cropped-pants suit, a Dolce & Gabbana blouse paired with a Christian Louboutin heels. A lot of people were reminded of the female Democratic congressional members’ outfit choice to Trump’s address at the Joint Session of Congress held last year. Their presence and wardrobe selection were meant to protest Trump’s policies. White is the color of suffragettes. Melania did arrive with a warm smile that seemingly countered the allegations about her collapsing marriage with the president. However, one of the cameras during the speech caught her smile disappear as soon as he walked in to start his speech.

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