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Menstrual Hygiene Tips: Things To Keep Clean In Those Days

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 14, 2017
Menstrual Hygiene Tips: Things To Keep Clean In Those Days

Menstrual cycle hygiene is something every girl ought to know. However, for a first timer, it might be difficult and a bit confusing. Taking the step towards becoming a woman, it is essential that you learn how to keep yourself clean. This is a crucial moment for you as a girl as you are transitioning from a small young girl, to a smart young woman. To aid your hygiene measures, here are some tips that you should follow or incorporate into your hygiene routine at this time of the month.


1. Select a Sanitation Method Or Tools You Are Comfortable With


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Many are the times that you end up using the wrong sanitation method. From sanitary napkins to menstrual cups and tampons, you need to figure out which is more suitable for your use than the other. This is dependent on your flow and amount. For tampons, be sure to start with a low absorbency rate tampon before advancing to a further absorbent one in order to stay and remain clean during the period. You can combine to of the sanitary methods depending on your flow i.e. a sanitary napkin in combination with a tampon for specific times of the day or night. However, be sure to use a single brand of the sanitary products as continued switches can cause adverse side effects to different individuals. Remember, your body is as unique as the brands.


2. Change Your Sanitary Method And Tools Regularly


Changing the sanitary napkins regularly is a highly advised menstrual hygiene tips. This is because blood is easily contaminated and menstrual blood is far prone to contamination. Once it leaves the body into the most and warm area of your genitals, it acquires a perfect bacteria breeding ground. If not removed and changed regularly, the bacteria grow and can lead to infections such as vaginal infections and those of the urinary tract. For sanitary pads, you are advised to change it every six hours or earlier if having a heavy menstrual flow. Tampons have a shorter time duration of around two hours. Remember, personal hygiene during menstruation is something that you should take serious less risk infections.


3. Bath Or Clean Regularly


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Bathing is another essential hygiene tip to ensure you remain clean during your menstrual period. Blood particles are quite small and can enter small spaces in between your skin and mostly into the labia of tour vagina. If not washed or cleaned up, the blood can cause growth of bacteria and end up causing infections. Menstrual hygiene tips advice that you use warm water.



4. Refrain From Using Vaginal Products Deemed Hygienic


Personal hygiene during menstruation is not deterred by the type of soap or hygienic vaginal products that you use. This is because soaps and such products break the balance of bacteria in your vagina leading to infections. Use warm water to clean and refrain from soaps and the hygienic vagina products. However, if a must use, ensure that the soap does not go into your vulva on to the inside of your vagina.


5. Check Your Washing Technique


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Your vagina is a very delicate area. Using the wrong washing technique can be very dangerous. The right cleaning or washing technique involves starting with your vagina and moving away from it towards your anus. This is also the right cleaning technique for better and improved hygiene during your periods. This prevents bacteria from your anus from going to your vagina.


6. Dispose Used Sanitary Tools In The Right Manner


Sanitary pads, towels or napkins or even tampons can be the root cause of different health infections if disposed in the wrong manner. In addition, they release an awful odor making it quite intolerable and therefore, right means of disposing them should be practiced as a menstrual hygiene tip. Be sure not to throw them into the toilet as they can cause blockage. Furthermore, ensure that you thoroughly clean yourself and your hands before leaving as you may advertently touch the menstrual blood when disposing the used sanitary pad or napkin.


7. Pad Rash


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The occurrence of pad rash means that you are not practicing good personal hygiene during menstruation. This is a crucial time of the month. A rash occurs if a sanitary napkin is used for too long causing it to chaff due to friction or extra warm temperatures. Due to it being a foreign object, the body reacts to it by resulting in a skin rash or in this case a pad rash. To avoid pad rash, ensure you change regularly as advised, wash and apply some antiseptic ointment before going to bed or after having a bath. If the situation accelerates seek medical attention.


8. Use a Single Sanitation Method Each Time


Well, our first tip in the menstrual hygiene tips was to know the type of sanitation method or tools to use during menstruation. Well, you may not know which is better for you as an individual. This doesn’t mean that you purchase all of the said brands and use them at the same time while determining the most efficient one, no! all that we advising is that you select a single brand and use it a time. Within a few months, you have acquired the best method to suit you.



9. Bathing Regularly Helps


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Imagine being advised to have a bath as hygiene during periods tip. Well, it may seem stupid to you, but it definitely assists those that suffer mild or severe cramps, mood swings or backaches during the menstrual period. Having a bath relaxes your muscles, soothing them for a while which results in improved pain reduction. Ensure the bath is of warm for better results.



Menstrual periods can be irregular in nature meaning you cannot predict the amount of flow to expect. However, you can predict when they will be showing up which in some cases can also be wrong. Therefore, being prepared with extra sanitary pads, tampons or napkins is advised. In addition, be sure to add some more hygienic components to your bag. This includes sanitizers for your hands, antiseptic prescription medication as advised by a physician, a snack and clean drinking water.

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