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Mermaid Hair Is The Latest Hair Trend For This Summer Season

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 22, 2023
Mermaid Hair Is The Latest Hair Trend For This Summer Season

When summertime comes, all women are busy prepping for the season. They most probably already have been prepping up their beach bodies months before this season comes. Plus, they might also already have spent thousands of dollars on the perfect swimsuit and booking the best summer destinations all over the world.

But did you ever stop and think how you can make your hair beach ready? And by beach-ready, we do not mean looking for ways on how to protect your hair from the sun and such. Instead, we are talking about the way on how you can style your hair to make sure that it will be perfect for the beach.

If you have not given this much thought, then it’s about time that you do! Let us help you out with this for a bit. As we all know, there are plenty of hair trends during the summer season but there is one trend that stands out, and it is no other than the mermaid hair color. Are you curious about what it is, what it looks like and if it is for you? If so, know more about this summer hair trend below!

1. What Is Mermaid Hair Color?

What Is Mermaid Hair Color
If you haven’t seen or heard of this hair trend, it is about time that you do!

This is the hairstyle that is slowly conquering the hair industry and is considered to be the best summer hair trend yet! Mermaid hair is just exactly what you think it is!

Mermaids are known to be magical and mystical creatures who look enchanting and perfect for their perfect figure, glowing fish tails, and long wavy hair. While many of us would not like to have fish tails, you cannot deny the fact that you, at one point in your life, envied the long glorious hair of mermaids.

Well, the hair industry’s mermaid hair color is all about that plus more! Mermaid hair is an organic hair color that features a beautiful and ethereal combination of pastel or ocean-like colors.

Because of its rising popularity, more and more hair stylists are trying to learn and master this look. But make sure that you only work with the experts because a hair technique that is as beautiful as this can be quite difficult to achieve and it will only look magical when executed properly.

2. How Is It Done?

How Is It Done
Just like the previous hair color trends, the mermaid hair would require a long and tedious coloring process and here are some of the steps involved in that process:

Step 1. Prepare Your Hair
Anyone would want to have this color, but not all hair can be a candidate for such process. To determine if your hair is suitable for this type of color, you have to be honest with the full color and treatment history of your hair to your hairstylist. You also need to tell him if you have a sensitive scalp.

Before you have your hair colored, make sure that you prepare it for the long and grueling hair coloring process that it will undergo. The day before you are scheduled to have your hair colored, avoid washing your hair so that you can preserve the natural oils in your head that will protect the scalp from the harmful effects of the bleach.

Step 2. Bleach Hair
This step is carried out in order to make the hair dye look more vibrant. This process takes about 3 to 5 hours. But if you have had your hair colored for the past two years, the process may be extended for a few minutes to hours.

Another thing to take note of is the lighter the color you wish to achieve, the longer your hair needs to be bleached.


Step 3. Add Color
After the bleaching process, the stylist is now ready to add color to your hair. But what color should he add? Well, that is totally up to you! If you have no idea about what color combination to choose, continue reading because we have a few suggestions below.

However, you must keep in mind that bleaching may lead to hair problems and damage so you should make sure that your hairstylist will carry out all the needed precautions to minimize the damage. Plus, do not forget about the maintenance treatments that you need to do at home.

3. What Colors Are Best For This Hairstyle?

What Colors Are Best For This Hairstyle
As mentioned above, this hair is usually a combination of all the pastel colors that you could think of—baby pink, baby blue, green, yellow and lavender. But don’t be fooled! This hairstyle is not restricted to only such colors.
In addition to all the blues and the purples and the pinks that you would commonly see, some people also opt for darker shades of orange, dark blue, brown, red, blue-green, green, aquamarine, gray and fuchsia.

4. For Who Is Mermaid Hair For?

For Who Is Mermaid Hair For
From its name, you may think that mermaid hair color is just for women with long and luscious hair. Well, you are definitely wrong! These days, even women with pixie or bob cuts are trying out this gorgeous hair trend, and they did not regret it!

Regardless if you have short or long hair, this hair color is for you! If you wish to achieve a more magical look, you can try putting on real hair extensions and having it dyed.

5. What Hairstyle Is Perfect For This?

What Hairstyle Is Perfect For This
The go-to hairstyle for this hair color would be long, wavy hair but this is the 20th century, so you are free to experiment with it! If you are feeling a bit edgy, you can pair it with a perfectly straight hair and blunt cut.

There is no doubt that the mermaid hair is mesmerizing. The combination of colors and the way on how it is arranged and designed for the hair is just simply amazing, and we will not blame you if you would want to enjoy this hair trend on your next summer outing!

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