11 Mistakes Women Make In Bed

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017
Mistakes Women Make In Bed

Do you want to improve your sexual health and experience? When it comes to sex life, women think that it is up to men to satisfy them. But did you know that you play a role in your sexual satisfaction too?

To play your part well, it is important that you understand that there are a few mistakes that women tend to make in bed. Here are some of them:


Not paying attention to your hygiene.

The next time you get into the bed with your man, make sure that you have shaved, showered and applied lotion to your legs.


Talking after the act.

Yes, we love to talk, and communication is important in a relationship but please, give your partner a break. Your man is ripped off his energy trying to satisfy you so let him rest first.


Waiting for your partner to make the move.

We have always been taught that we should not be too aggressive or pushy. But if you want it, then you should not be too shy to get it.


Faking your orgasm.

If you usually fake your orgasms, your partner will think that he is doing things right when in fact it does not work well for you.


Not willing to experiment.

Many women get offended when their partners want to try something new because they think that what they are doing is not enough for their partners. If you want to keep your sex life hot, be willing to experiment and try out new things with your partner.


Criticizing your partner.

Yes, it is right to let him know that what he is doing does not work for you but you can do this the right way. Instead of telling him that what he is doing is wrong, let him know what are the things that he can do to satisfy you.


Worrying about your appearance.

Focus on satisfying him and rest assured; he will not care about whether your makeup is still on point or if you have a few fats here and there.


Thinking your partner is always up for sex.

Remember that your man deals with the pressures of life including work, finances, and family and these can ruin his libido. That is why it is normal for him to be not up for sex from time to time.


Thinking your partner knows what you need.

Your partner is not a mind-reader. It is best that you talk to him about sex—what you like and what you don’t like so he can satisfy you in bed.


Not going down on him.

You love it when he goes down on you so you should return the favor and give him the best sucking session of his life!


Being too shy to make any sound.

No, you do not need to fake moaning and groaning but if you feel like it, do not be afraid to do so!

For your next lovemaking session and better sexual health, make sure to avoid these mistakes in bed!

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