Discover These Beauty Tips And Look Gorgeous

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 18, 2022
Discover These Beauty Tips And Look Gorgeous

Looking for beauty tips for the summer? Well, this is the right place! Summer sure is hot and will bring a lot of sweat from you! Maintaining a fresh look may take some effort from you! But this is also a good time to fashion those bikinis on the beach! But even that pose some potential skin damage!

So, this summer, you need to take extra care for your skin! Our skin can easily tell how young (or old!) you are! Looking younger than you actually are will surely bewilder people and leave them wondering you maintain it! So, to get that gorgeous look even in the hot summer days, here are some things you can add to your beauty routine.


1. Drink Lots Of Fluids




This may be our response to the dehydrating heat. But I cannot help but stress the importance of rehydrating. The summer brings a hot weather and sucks out the moisture in the air making it dry. This dry air sucks up moisture from whatever living thing that has moisture! We are one of them!
Consuming some extra glass of water aside from the recommended will make sure you will have a well-hydrated skin!


2. Wear A Fashionable Hat Outside




Summer is a time to wear hats. Make sure you got yourself an outstanding fashionable hat! A hat is not only pretty, but it also protects your hair and your skin from too much exposure to the sun.



3. Use Liquid Deodorant To Avoid Blisters On The Foot




Summer is a time to wear cute strappy sandals. You don’t want to ruin that attired with some band-aids on your toes and some wrapped around your toes! You don’t want that injured look! Instead, apply some deodorant on areas that come in contact with the skin.
This will act as a lube and lessen friction. Less friction means no blister! Aside from the blisters, you can also avoid sweaty feet with some antiperspirant deo!


4. Avoid Nail Polish From Bubbling




Even the most awesome and top-notch nail polish can bubble in the summer heat as you apply them! To avoid this, place your nail polish in the freezer about thirty minutes before using them. Apply them cold on clean nails. The goal is for the nail polish to dry and set before it reaches room temperature


5. Trim The Ends Of Damaged Hair




Looking for beauty tips for hair? Here it is! The beach and the sun is a sweet refuge. But not so sweet to the hair! Long exposure to the sun without protection can damage the hair. To avoid further damage, trim of split and damaged ends of the hair. These small splits can tangle with the other hair and ultimately damage them too! So, before it gets uncontrolled, cut them off!


6. Low-Cost Anti-Frizz Spritz




The summer heat can suck up the moisture on your hair. Yep, even without direct exposure to sunlight, the dry air can render your hair (and skin dry!). To combat dry and frizzy hair, you can use a combination of coconut oil and avocado oil in one to one ration. Put it in a spray bottle and apply to your hair as needed.


7. Baby Powder Sand Repellant




Well, I know you can’t have enough of the beach. It’s summer, and everyone is getting ready for that sun-kissed tan! Sand sticking to your skin is not really that annoying. But if there is something you could do about it, it would be really nice, right?
Apply baby powder on your skin and the sand will slide off like magic! You must try this! You wouldn’t go out on the beach without this after trying it!


8. Use Aloe Ice Cubes On Sunburn




The beach will surely give you some little sun burn even when you bathe yourself with sunscreens. Yes when you dip in the water, sunscreen is washed off. The window between washing off and reapplication can be enough for some skin irritation or sunburn.
To cool them off quickly, apply aloe ice cubes. It doesn’t only ease the heat, it also nourishes your skin with vitamin E!


9. Get Your Hair Off Your Neck




The heat will soon take its toll, and you won’t be able to hold your hair down. You will eventually need to tie them up to allow air to touch your neck!


10. Bleach Stains With Lemon




Unfortunately, with your deo and some nasty sweat, your clothes may get stained! You wouldn’t allow the chemical to touch and ruin your clothes! Instead, use a mild natural solution. Before washing your clothes, spritz some lemon juice on sweat stains. Lemon is a mild bleach and can take out minor sweat stains.


11. Switch To Liquids, Avoid Powders




The heat will make you sweat. Guess what, sweat can ruin your make up! So, one of the most important beauty tips for women this summer is to switch from powder make-ups to liquid tints. Powder will melt with as you sweat! You may end up looking battered with melted make up! So, instead, use liquid tints as they do not melt as you sweat!


12. Minimize Friction As You Shave




Shaving your legs during the summer is one of the first things you do as you flaunt your legs on that bikini. Unfortunately, this always lead to some irritated spots. To avoid this, always use a sharp razor and use some lubricating oil to minimize friction as you shave your legs! Soaps and creams are a good way to go!



Summer is fun, everyone will agree with that. But, ladies, this is not a time for us to slack off and forget about our beauty routines! Summer is a time that we must be more careful as the season sucks up even the very moisture of our skin! Stay hydrated as you go about your daily activities to keep your skin in tip-top condition!

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