Obagi Retinol 1.0 Cream Description

Obagi Retinol 1.0 review will go over the benefits and drawbacks of this product, and determine just how well it stands up to its claims.

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Obagi Retinol 1.0

Obagi Retinol 1.0

Obagi retinol 1.0 claims to minimize acne breakouts while improving the overall texture, health, and tone of the skin.

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How Does Obagi Retinol 1.0 Work?

Acne has become a big problem for many, and it has become quite impossible for most of us to manage breakouts. Obagi Retinol 1.0 claims to minimize acne breakouts while improving the overall health, texture, and tone of the skin. The product is manufactured by Obagi Medical Products which is a specialty pharmaceutical company founded in 1988.

For best results, apply a pearl-size amount of the cream to the face. Gently massage the face until the skin has fully absorbed the product. Use this product at night.

The retinol cream is available in a 1-oz tube and is sold at a price of $61.00 in third party retailer sites. The product can also be bought from medical spas and authorized skin care professionals.

What Are the Obagi Retinol 1.0 Cream Ingredients?


[1]This ingredient promotes cell turnover which minimizes the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. It also addresses hyper pigmentation issues providing you with a smoother, even and softer skin tone and texture. The product contains 1% of this active ingredient.

Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter

[2]These are both naturally occurring ingredients moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Vitamins C and E

[3]These are antioxidants that work together to neutralize free radicals and keep signs of aging at bay. However it may cause skin irritation.

Hyaluronic Acid

[4]This ingredient stimulates the production of collagen which is a substance that is responsible for keeping skin elastic and firm. Namely, some people complain that their skin dries out after using hyaluronic acid.

Obagi Retinol 1.0 Before and After – See Real Results

Retinol 1.0 Obagi Retinol Before and After Image

Obagi Retinol 1.0 Before and After Review

Pros and Cons of Obagi Retinol 1.0

  • This retinol cream contains a high concentration of retinol which is progressively released throughout the night.
  • The product features a combination of ingredients that boost cell turnover. Which may not work for all skin types.
  • These anti wrinkle cream is also formulated to inhibit acne breakouts.
  • The product is priced higher than other products that promise the same effects.
  • The product cannot be used in the morning as the main ingredient (retinol) is sensitive to sunlight.
  • The product requires a prescription.
  • No money back guarantee.

Are Obagi Retinol 1.0 worth the money?

These days, retinol has become the go-to treatment for acne. In addition to that, it is also a well-known antioxidant because of its ability to boost cell turnover. Since the Obagi Retinol 1.0 contains 1% of this seemingly miraculous skin care ingredient, it may seem like it is the best solution for all your skin care needs. But before you decide to buy this product, you must familiarize yourself with possible issues that you may encounter when using it.

The primary concern would be the price. Aside from the fact that the price per tube of the product is quite high already, the purchase of the product requires a prescription which means that you would also need to visit a physician or a skin care expert and that would entail you to shell out more money.

It is best that you look for an acne treatment and skin care product that will deliver you results without having to deal with the hassle of visiting a skin care professional. For sure, you can find plenty of other acne treatments that will not cost you as much money.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Obagi Retinol 1.0 – Wrinkle Cream

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Q: Is obagi 1.0 retinol effective?

A: Those with obstinate skin concerns, deep wrinkles, and pronounced uneven skin tone might need to consider a high-rate retinol cream, serum, or treatment. In any case, which level of retinol is powerful? Search for definitions with a rate somewhere in the range of 0.3% and 1%, with retinol 1% being the most grounded choice.

Q: Is Obagi Retinol 1.0 cream good?

A: Obagi Retinol 1.0 is a top performer compared with pretty much some other retinol cream available. Its 1% fixation recipe is extremely powerful, yet additionally delicate. We didn’t encounter a lot of redness or stripping with this product.

Q: What does Obagi Retinol 1.0 do?

A: Our highly effective Retinol is a cream-based equation that assists with reestablishing your skin and tenderly delivers ingredients to limit the presence of fine lines and wrinkles while elevating skin turnover to assist with limiting noticeable indications of skin maturing with insignificant bothering.

Q: At what age should you start using Obagi Retinol 1.0?

A: 20s,Generally speaking, I suggest a great many people begin involving retinol in their mid to late-20s, somewhere in the range of 25-30. This is when collagen and elastin creation begins to dial back, so it’s the ideal opportunity to begin receiving the protection maturing rewards retinol brings to the table.


Obagi Retinol 1.0 cannot be purchased through the official website of Obagi Medical Products and are available only through authorized resellers and third-party retail sites.

The Final Word

Restore your skin with this obagi retinol 1.0 cream-based formula intended to work smarter, not make it harder. Our profoundly compelling retinol cream is planned with an entangled retinol conveyance framework that steadily and tenderly delivers ingredients to limit the presence of fine lines and wrinkles while elevating skin turnover to assist with limiting apparent indications of skin maturing with minimal irritation.

Obagi Retinol 1.0 decreases the presence of fine lines and wrinkles and furthermore advances skin turnover for a more youthful-looking appearance and smoother skin surface and even complexion for a brighter-looking complexion. Obagi retinol 1.0 cream-based equation that conditions the skin (shea butter and jojoba oil) and that is delicate for the skin.

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