This Is What Is Going On His Mind While Going Down On You

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017
Oral Sex Tips

What Men Think About While Performing Oral Sex?

If you are a fan of oral sex, him going down on you might be the highlight of your night. At that time, no thoughts will come to your mind because you will just be enjoying the wonderful sensations that his tongue can bring about.

But if you have ever wondered what’s going on his mind during your oral sex session, here are the things men think while going down on you:


Where is that clitoris?

When we go down on men, it is very easy to find his penis (after all, it would already be rock hard at that time). But for the men, it is like a treasure hunting adventure because our G spot or clitoris is not that easy to spot. So, as your man goes down on you, he is focused on only one mission—to make you happy and to do that, he needs to find your clitoris first!


Whoa! The view is amazing here!

No, he is not looking at your vagina when he says this. From under there, he can see your body in all its naked glory and the best part of it? They see every curve and their favorite part? Your underboob! If there is one image that will get your man hard in an instant, it is this.


Can I reach her boobs?

Your boob is his favorite body part of yours and as much as he can, he will touch it. Truth is, he will have some urges to reach for your boobs while going down on you but sometimes, the length between your vagina and your boobs will make it hard for him to do so.


Where should my tongue go?

Many men already know where they should put their tongue but if it is his first time to go down on you, he is still trying to find your groove and will experiment by licking your clitoris or the inside part of your vagina.


Am I doing a great job?

Going down on women is serious work and men would love to know if all of their efforts are paying off. In fact, this might the only thing he is thinking of the whole time he is going down on you.


Where should I put my hands?

Now that their tongue is the one working, what should their hands do? Should he wrap it around your butt? Reach for your boobs? Or touch your clit?


What does the moans mean?

Since he can’t see your face clearly, it is difficult for him to know if the sounds you are making is a pleasure or pain sound.


My head is going to get crushed!

When you are near the climax, your thighs tend to become stiffer and it will feel as if you are crushing his head with your thighs.

So, these are the things men think while going down on you. Come to think of it, this might be the only time when men tend to overthink!

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