Popping Whiteheads: Understand If It Is A Right Idea Or Not?

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 18, 2022
Popping Whiteheads: Understand If It Is A Right Idea Or Not?

Pimples are a normal fact of life since they happen to most of us. Although pimples are seen as one of the unpleasant passages in life, which is during adolescence, doctors estimate that some of the kids start getting acne at early ages such as 6 to 8 years old. As we grow to be full adults, the pimple infestation is not as much as it was when we were teenagers. However, it’s common for some adults to continue getting pimples in their older years. If you also never experienced acne when you were a teen, then will automatically get them when you are an adult. Women are also gullible of getting such acne because of their fluctuating hormones. Among the worse types of acne are whiteheads blackheads on the face. We all hate them, and the two may attract our skincare attention. This skin problem has robbed off some kids their friends and made it hard for them to make new ones. The whiteheads acne has lowered the self-esteem of many teenagers too. At times we become increasingly desperate in my attempts to get rid of these whiteheads. One of the resolutions that most of us have reached is popping them. But the question that hangs over our heads about popping whiteheads is how to pop a whitehead and if it’s a right idea to pop the whiteheads. Well, before getting the tips of popping a whitehead, I think it’s wise only if we try to tell you why it might not be a good idea to pop a whitehead pimple.

1. Is Popping Whitehead A Good Idea?

Acne Popping

Many people find whiteheads irresistible, and they would like to squeeze a pimple. Well the best way to speed whiteheads is through popping them. When we look in the mirror and spot a whitehead, the urge of squeezing them consumes us. Despite various options for clearing whiteheads, many people opt for popping since its fast. Well, there are various painless ways of popping them. Popping whiteheads should be done carefully to avoid more spreading and scaring. Here is the best way to squeeze a whitehead.

  • Leave The Whitehead To Be Ready To Be Popped First

    For effective removal of whiteheads blackheads through popping, one has to allow them to be ready. When popping whiteheads, they must first be left until they form a firm white head. This sign of the pus being near the skin surface proofs that the Whitehead is ready to be popped.

  • Coating The Whitehead

    Whitehead Popping
    On the night before popping a whitehead, simply use an aloe vera lotion to coat a pimple. Before applying the lotion ensure you wash your hands with soap water. Enzymes in the aloe vera plant are said to be able to reduce inflammation in whiteheads and soften them.

    On the actual day of popping whiteheads ensure you;

  • Wash Your Hands Before Handling The Whitehead

    Dirty hands can introduce bacteria to the site. Therefore, before popping whiteheads, gently but thoroughly wash your entire hands with antibacterial soap. Use a soft silicone brush as it can help clear away any residual bacteria or grime.

  • Warm Up The Whitehead Area With a Hot Washcloth

    Pop a Whitehead
    The secret behind a painless way to pop a whitehead is through warming the affected area. This can be done when cleaning this area with a washcloth or cotton swab using warm water and antibacterial soap. Warm water will always help in opening the pores.

  • Popping The Whitehead

    After cleaning the whitehead area, get a sterilized needle to prick the whitehead head. With a clean tissue on your hand, squeeze a pimple with slight pressure till the pus comes out. Press till some clear liquid starts to show up. After popping out a pimple apply benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid products or solution on the wound to disinfect it. Another option might be rubbing alcohol on the wound, but it will be somehow stinging. However, it will still clear off some bacteria left inside after popping zits.


2. Why Popping Whitehead Is Not A Good Idea

Acne Popping Bad

At times we find questions covering our minds such as, “should I pop whiteheads?” Well, as we all know a whitehead forms when a follicle gets filled with worn out skin cells, bacteria, and sebum. According to researchers, there are various reasons why you should not opt for popping a pimple as one of the acne treatment methods. Here are the reasons;

  • You Will Be Attacking Your Skins’ Immune System

    The cells around the follicle are always intact. Therefore the area surrounding the whitehead doesn’t have redness caused by increased blood flow. The attempt of popping a whitehead with some force will leak sebum, bacteria and dead skin tissues hence weakening the other areas of the skin. This lowers the skins ability to protect itself from more infection.

  • You Will Be Preventing Your Body From Healing

    Should I Pop Whiteheads
    Acne formation itself is a body’s’ mechanism used to respond to blocked pores and bacteria. When the bump is seen, this will prove that your body is trying to work on it. The pimples should therefore be avoided and be thought as a way the body is healing itself.

  • You Will Be Tearing Your Skin

    Popping whiteheads involves forcing and pushing the contents of the ready to be popped pimple. The contents include bacteria, debris, and oil. It is a bad idea to, however, pop them out forcefully since you will be leaving behind an open wound rather than a bump.

  • You Might Make a Pimple Worse

    Effects Of Whitehead Popping
    Popping the pimple might end up creating a worse whitehead since the bacteria and oil might end up being forced down further into the skin. A pimple can become more red, inflamed and swollen.

  • More Whitehead Pimples Might Be Created

    It’s more likely that a second pimple will pop up on the place that you just popped the other one. The bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells that are contained in one acne whitehead once released can spread and lead to more whiteheads.

  • You Might End Up Having a Scar

    Acne Scar
    Popping zits can also lead to more risk of leaving an acne scar where you popped one. The scars are more difficult to treat than the acne themselves.

Although your first instinct after discovering a whitehead may be to popping it, take a step back and consider this situation. Always know there are some other optional ways to deal with whiteheads that are much less dangerous to the health of your skin.

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