Pornography Addiction Can Ruin Your Sex Life? Is It?

Written by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Modified October 24, 2017
Pornography Addiction

Are you addicted to porn? Or does your partner love watching porn? While you may think that this hobby of yours is harmless, you should know the fact that pornography addiction can have a negative effect on your sex life.

Maybe you are wondering, how can porn addiction ruin your sex life? Well, there are many ways on how it can. These are as follows:


Porn can cause erectile dysfunction.

Men and women both have two hormones—vasopressin and oxytocin. The purpose of these hormones is to promote emotional bonding during intercourse. During sex, vasopressin bonds men to women while oxytocin binds women to men. When a man watches porn, vasopressin makes him bond to the porn stars who look sexy, youthfuland almost perfect. Once he tries to make sex with his partner in real life (who looks nothing like the ones he sees in the movies), it will be difficult for him to stay erected. When you watch too much porn, your sexual performance will surely be decreased.


Porn can change people’s perception of beauty.

In addition to physical challenges, a person addicted to porn can also encounter a few emotional problems. Watching too much porn can change your definition of beauty. Since you are used to the impossibly perfect bodies of the women in porn movies, you will find it hard to appreciate the bodies of real women.


Porn lowers your libido.

Because you already have high standards of beauty, men addicted to porn will find it hard to be turned on by their spouse. Since they have the women in porn to entertain them, their sex drive has already been transferred somewhere else.


Porn can make you lazy in bed.

If you have already watched way too many porn, you may know by now that in porn, everyone is turned on (all the time!). Most of the scenes go straight to sex, and no foreplay is involved. Because of this, men who are used to watching porn will think that they no longer have to be affectionate or to woo their partners to make them feel aroused. As a result, the love in lovemaking gets lost.


Regular sex pales in comparison with porn.

When you watch porn, people are always trying out different sex positions and techniques. The more you watch it, the more you would want to be more adventurous in bed. As a result, regular sex will become less and less interesting for you.


Porn discourages tender and loving sex.

If you notice it, sex in porn is usually impersonal and is driven not by love but by animalistic desires. That’s why the sex is commonly rushed and forced. Because of this, porn users will no longer be satisfied with having tender, loving and affectionate sex.

So, can porn addiction ruin your sex life? The answer is yes. Watching porn can be fun but too much of it can have negative consequences, not just for your married life but to your sex life as well.

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