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Puberty Changes: What’s Going On, Up And Down There?

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 14, 2022
Puberty Changes: What’s Going On, Up And Down There?

As a girl continues to advance in age, certain developments begin to occur at both her upper and lower region. She begins to develop breast and hips. She will start receiving more attention from boys. This transformation stage is known as Puberty.


Puberty is defined as the period whereby your body undergoes series of changes. At this stage, your body starts transforming, both emotionally and physically, growing from a child into a teenager and then, into an adult. Some noticeable developments include breast development, acne, menstruation and vaginal discharge.

Puberty stage varies for girls. The developments are quickly noticed in some while it takes time in others. It can begin at an early age of 8 or as late at 13. The puberty sequence – from the development of breast to whole physical maturation – may end up taking up to a year and a half or last up to 6 years.

Hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are natural chemicals produced in the body. They are in charge of controlling puberty. These hormones are made in the brain and ovaries.

Changes in female body

Breast Development

Breast development

During breast development, the flat region around the nipple (areola) will become enlarged. Some breast tissue will begin to form under the nipple. On completion of breast development, each breast is distinctly noticed. The areola will not appear swollen anymore.



Starting at puberty, one or more tiny eggs are released by your ovaries every month. Once your breast begins to develop, you are likely to have your first period. During menstruation (period) you will bleed through your vagina. The first period in some girls may come as early as age 9 or 10 years, others may not get it until their teens.

Pubic hair

Pubic hair

Pubic hair starts growing along the vaginal lips, and the armpit. The vaginal lips hair grows like an inverted triangle. The hair may spread to the insides of the thigh.

Growing taller

Growing taller

Puberty also makes you go through a spurt in growth. An average growth of about three inches can be noticed per year. Your hands, head, and feet are the first set of body parts to grow. Then growth occurs in arms and legs. The torso and shoulders are also not left behind.



Sweat and oil producing glands start developing. This leads to acne, an effect of clogged sweat glands.
To avoid breakouts, wash your face at least twice daily. Speak to a dermatologist if you notice regular breakouts.

Emotional changes

Emotional changes

Not only do the production of hormones cause physical changes in your body, they also have an effect on how you feel. The common emotional changes usually experienced include

  • Anxiety and excitement.
  • Feeling confused or awkward.
  • Fight and reconcile with friends same day.
  • Mood Swings: Laugh one moment, cry the next, and feel angry at times.

Sometimes these changes may become overwhelming. You are not alone in this. Just like other teens, you are going through a period of transformation in your life. It can be both exciting and scary.

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