Rainbow Eye Makeup

Written by Meighan James, Modified February 21, 2018

Want an eye makeup that will truly stand out? Well, we can’t think of anything better than the rainbow colored eye makeup! While it is definitely not for an everyday look.There is no denying that this type of makeup look is a showstopper look and is perfect for rave parties, costume parties and for those times when you just want to achieve an eye-catching beauty look.

Creating a perfect rainbow in your eyes is not an easy thing to do. But before you think that this eye makeup can only be created by a professional, think again! Before you get disheartened, here’s a tutorial video that can help you achieve your dream eye makeup! This video will tell you everything you need to know—from how to prepare your eyes to how to choose the shades!

Watch this video and rest assured, you will be surprised as to how surprisingly easy pulling off this multicolored eye shadow trick can be!

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