Things You Must Do To Keep Up The Chemistry Between You Two

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified February 8, 2018
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Have you been with your partner for a long time? If so, then you might have already experienced the phase wherein the chemistry between the two of you have already fizzled out. If you think that your relationship is bound to end because of this, you gotta do something.

For your information, the chemistry in relationships is not by pure chance. You have the power to revive the lost chemistry in your relationship if you want to. Here are some of the ways on how you can bring the chemistry back into your love life:


Spend time away from each other.

Remember the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Well, there is some truth to that. When you are together all the time, you will not have the chance to miss each other. When you spend some time apart, he will realize how important you are to him, and that will bring about a great sexual chemistry in your relationship.


Pursue a new hobby together.

There is no better way to keep the fire in your relationship than trying out something new on a regular basis. You can try learning a new skill like dancing, painting or cooking. It can be anything as long as you do it together.


Talk with each other.

When it comes to relationships, communication is critical. That is why you should not be afraid to tell him about your concerns regarding the lack of chemistry in your relationship. In this way, you can work things out together.


Invest in yourself.

We cannot deny the fact that men are more visually stimulated than us. So if you want to maintain the fire in your relationship, you should put in more effort in dressing up and staying fit and beautiful.


Be more adventurous.

According to studies, couples who have experienced exciting adventures, find their partners much more attractive than those couples who haven’t. So take advantage of this study and invite your partner to ride a roller coaster or go whitewater rafting.


Go on date nights regularly.

Sometimes, kids, work, and life can get in the way of your alone time. But spending time alone with your partner is essential for your relationship. That is why you should have a date night every week.


Do some PDA.

PDA may be distasteful for some but doing something that you are refrained from doing makes it more exciting. So don’t be afraid to grind with your partner on the dance floor!


Always remain positive.

Optimistic people are happy people. Happy people are more attractive as they are fun to be with.


Surprise each other.

One of the reasons why the chemistry in your relationship has died because of the absence of romantic gestures. Make an effort to woo each other and surprise each other even in little ways and see how more loving your relationship will be.

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