Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12: Riverdale’s body count rises

Written by Gracie Allen, Modified February 21, 2018
riverdale season 2 episode 12 review

In last week’s episode, someone died on Riverdale..AGAIN! But, there is some oddity in this particular death – our usual suspect probably is not the culprit. Judging by the recent flow in the storyline, it seems pretty off if Black Hood has something to do with it.

If you have no issues getting some spoilers, you can go ahead and get on with this Riverdale episode wicked divine recap murder.

The episode closed with Alice Cooper asking Betty if she locked the front door. Yup, someone died on Riverdale again. However, relevant information about the recent death killed remains mysterious.

Just a heads up so you will not get shocked, there might be two deaths in the last episode of Riverdale.

riverdale season 2
Papa Poutine, a businessman who hails from Quebec, was most probably killed by Hiram’s goons. Come on; the guy is hating on Pop Tate’s poutine dish. With Hiram as the current owner of Pop Tate’s diner, there is little to no doubt he will be resolving business matters on his own twisted way, you know, the way he usually goes for.

The other death is that of the mystery man who felt entitled to show up at the Cooper’s residence to ask about the whereabouts of Chic. If you have no idea who Chic is, he is the son of Alice Cooper, probably from another guy, since Hal cannot bear the sight of him. He even stayed at a B&B so that he would not have to live with Chic under one roof.

While details surrounding the death of the mystery man is not quite certain, there are some things worth noting. First, where the heck is Chic? Why is he nowhere to be seen? Next, how did the person die? For one, blood seemed to gush down from the head and remains to be left inside the Cooper’s Residences. Lastly, why is Alice Cooper the one scrubbing the blood stains off her perfect wooden flooring?

riverdale season 2 episode 12

Just who is this dead guy and what does he have to do with Chic? Is he some guy from whatever stuff Chic has going on in his webcamming fantasy world?

Some people are considering the idea that Alice killed the mystery guy to protect Chic. You know, how she can get when it comes to her kids. Or maybe, Chic killed the guy, himself. Is everything really this tragic in Riverdale? Well, you have to find out in the coming episodes.

Meanwhile, here are some more lighthearted happenings on Riverdale that might help balance your emotions.

Veronica got confirmed. She maybe a little older than what is normal, but Veronica will not let that little issue ruin a wonderful day.

Josie and V did a little number at the confirmation. Of course, the outcome was pleasant to the ears.

Jughead and Betty finally did it! That is after Jughead confessed to doing stuff with Toni. Meanwhile, Betty kept her mouth sealed regarding her kiss with Archie.

Of course, there are tons more that happened in the latest episode that needs a lot of answers. So, better stay tuned.

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