Now Don’t Wait For It! Here’s Your San Diego Comic-Con TV Schedule

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 23, 2018
San Diego Comic-Con TV Schedule

Welcome to San Diego Comic-con. Whoaa. It’s just mesmerizing. Imagine a huge flock of people with the same interest. Well, that interest, comic books, and geeky stuff, used to be alien to other people but thanks to the people of Golden State Comic Book Convention, they established an environment in 1970 that would unite people together!

The first comic-con was graced by a hundred and forty-five people including Forrest J. Ackerman and Mike Royer. Yep, that is Forrest and Mike! Maybe some of you are not familiar with them anymore. Don’t feel bad, that’s okay. But you should be thanking them for this wonderful event!

Now I know why you are here! You want to grace the event! From a hundred and forty-five people in 1979, the 2016 comic-con was graced by a hundred and sixty-seven thousand people! Now, San Diego Comic Con 2017 is something you don’t want to miss. I wonder how many people would be there to meet their favorite comic book characters (or just be their favorite characters!)?

Here is the comic convention schedule for you to know when to go there! The event will take place at San Diego Convention Center. Don’t miss it! It will last from July 19 to July 23. Secure your comic con tickets now!


July 19 (Wednesday), 6-10pm, Ballroom 20


Sneak Peak

It can be a bit hard to say what you can see on the sneak peek. It sure is full of surprises! But expect to a teaser from “Deception.” Don’t be deceived! There is a lot more out there on the first day! It will be a great beginning for the entire event! Don’t miss it!


July 20, (Thursday)


July 20, (Thursday)


The first program starts at 10 in the morning. A special hour-long episode of teen titans will be aired followed by a Q&A with people behind it.

Don’t just go yet! At 11:15, Unikitty will unveil her own show on cartoon network! Finally, this “Lego Movie” character will have her own break!

At 12:30, you will be swooped from your feet by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman! Jim Krieg and Butch Lukic, the producers of the series, will be joined by the voice actors and director for a Q&A.

Van Helsing will resume at 3:00 and the creator will run a Q&A and discuss about season 2! This will be followed closely by another vampire-themed series, The Strain. The creators will share to the fans the challenges to bring a post-apocalyptic theme for the fans!

At 5 pm, John Cameron will tell the fans what to look forward to the Legion from season 2. This will be followed a panel that will discuss some insights about The Exorcist’s second season.



July 21, (Friday)


To lift up the mood, Thursday will start with a 10th-year anniversary panel of The Big Bang Theory that will be graced by Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik, Kevin Sussman, Kunal Nayyar, and Johnny Galecki. This sure will lighten up your day!

This will be followed by the Young Justice, iZombie and The 100. Now that everyone feels giddy and everything, Game of Thrones will set up the stage for a Q&A. I’m sure thick clouds will form with a chance of a devastating blizzard! By this time, the pilot episode of GoT has been aired, and it will be raining questions for the cast!

Pave the way ‘cos Mike Tyson himself, yep, the real Mike Tyson will be there together with the voice actors of Mike Tyson Mysteries to present the upcoming episodes.

Remember Ductales? Have the first look at this upcoming series and follow the adventures of the family’s favorite duck!

At three in the afternoon, we can have a look at Fox’s newest superhero series in The Gifted. This is about a young couple who discovers that their children have powers, mutant powers!

Bob’s Burgers will have an exclusive Q&A at 4:15 and fans will be shown a footage that has never been aired on TV!

Archer, an award-winning comedy, will have a special surprise guest on their presentation so don’t miss it!

The day will be concluded by a Q&A panel session with the producer and cast of the People of the Earth. This sci-fi comedy will keep you engaged and will make you want more!


July 22, (Saturday)


Be sure to be there on the third day of comic-con! At 11 in the morning, Riverdale gang will be there to give us a preview of what will happen in the succeeding seasons. Wait for the Q&A and be the first to know what happens to Archie and the gang next!

Another classic we have grown up with is The Simpsons. The Simpsons had its ups and downs and had a movie already. Now, it’s in its 29th season, and you can hear firsthand from the creators what’s in store! Plus, there will be a Q&A after!

It seems like vampire stories and post-apocalypse is a thing we all appreciate. Infused with romance, The Originals captivated a lot of audiences. Watch a presentation and a Q&A with the people behind this remarkable series.

If you liked Superman, maybe you will find his grandfather attractive too! The story takes place on planet Krypton (which is also the title of the series) before it was destroyed. Watch the preview and followed by a Q&A about this out of this forthcoming world series!

American Dad and Family Guy will be there at 1 pm too! The audience will be shown a preview of the Family Guy’s 300th episode. American Dad will be launching its new season that will be aired on the 24th of July!

Lucifer returns to comic con to spice things up! The stars of the series will also be there for a Q&A at the end of the video presentation.

Batman and Supergirl will be there at 3:30 in the afternoon to rock our worlds! The stars of the series will grace the event and will answer some questions about the series.

It’s not over for DC yet. To increase our thirst for the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s season three, the creator and stars of the series will hold a panel for Q&A. Will they give us a definite synopsis of season three? Or will they just fuel our growing sweet agony for the next season? Find out!

The Orville cast will be there to show us a few stuff about what to look forward too with a few surprises! Know more about your favorite characters in the Q&A.

Westworld, another HBO original series, gives us a glimpse of what artificial intelligence would look like in the future! The cast will be there to give us a tease of what’s in store for us!

Black Lighting and The Flash will give us a preview of what’s going to happen next. Black Lightning will be launching its first season, and many people are anticipating it! The Q&A will surely be exciting!

The Arrow will give us a taste of what’s going to happen with the team in season six. The producers will be there to answer some questions on the Q&A Portion!
What else do we like? Aside from post-apocalypse, we also love the Supernatural. Ghost Wars will give us a short preview and a Q&A with the producers!
Lastly, vampire-slaying Buffy will be there too!



July 23 (Sunday)


Supernatural will feature its 13th season on comic con. Be prepared as the ghost and monster hunting is taken to the next level!

Follow this post and wait for more to come! There is a lot more to watch out in the upcoming comic con! Aren’t you excited about it? I can’t wait too! Bring your friends along and go to this magical place!

“Hope you find the post helpful and we excited to hear what you think of it!”

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