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Check Out The Fab Sense Of Style You Should Carry This Summer Season

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 22, 2023
Check Out The Fab Sense Of Style You Should Carry This Summer Season

Do you want to build your own sense of style this summer season? You have come to the right place! With all the fashion trends that come and go during the summer season, it can be quite easy for you to jump the bandwagon and lose track of the sense of style that you have, and many people have fallen victim to this phenomenon.

This summer, we have yet again another batch of eye-catching and trendy summer clothing that you can easily fall for. But how would you know if this trend will suit your personal style? Simple! You have to identify what is your style first- is it girly? Edgy? Bohemian goddess? Sporty? Classy?

Once you have found the answer to that question, your next best step is to look for summer trends that would complement such style then go out shopping so you can update your wardrobe with the latest trends!

And This Is When Our Mission Comes In– To update you on what’s hot and what’s not for the season! So, what’s in and what would be the hottest trends this season? Read on and find out!

1. One – Shoulder Linen Jumpsuit

We have always adored the one-shoulder trend but let’s face it—those flirty one-shoulder dresses are not for everyone! Well, this summer season, the one-shoulder trend has been updated, and many designers have placed a modern spin on it by turning it into a jumpsuit!

You can wear a tee underneath it and finish it off with white sneakers. If you plan on wearing this to work, you can wear it with a button-up long sleeve and a pair of gorgeous pumps.

For who is this trend for: Isn’t it obvious? If you are the athletic and boyish type of woman, this one’s for you!

2. Robe Dress

 Robe Dress
The wrap dress has always been in the summer fashion trend list. However, we cannot deny the fact that such dress is not for everyone. Because of its cut and style, only the confident and sexy women can enjoy its style.

Well, this year, the wrap dress has also gotten an update, and it has been turned into the robe dress with the same wrap around style but is made more versatile with its roomy sleeves, maxi length, wide belt and colorful designs.

For Who Is This Trend For: With its roomy sleeves and flowy cut, we can definitely say that this trend is for the bohemian princesses out there. It can also be for the women who like all things feminine.


When you think of summer trends, you will automatically think of bright colors, loud and big prints. Well, this will not be the case for the coming season because it looks like we will be seeing lots of khakis this year.

The return of the 90’s trends has brought us chokers and old school statement shirts, but it looks like we will be getting a few more pieces from our middle school wardrobe because khakis are also back in season!

For a No-muss, no-fuss styling trick, pair your khaki pants or capris with plain shirts and white sneakers. You can also put a cap on if you will be spending plenty of time outdoors.

For Who Is This Trend For: Once again, here’s a trend for the sporty and athletic type of women. It can also be for the girls-next- door type too!

4.Low-Heeled Mules

Low-Heeled Mules
We have gone through the era wherein chunky, colorful heels have become popular. While those shoes are fun to work and play around with, they would require plenty of creativity in order to be styled properly. Plus, they can also be a pain in the feet to wear!

To address that, low-heeled mules have come to the picture. This footwear features a short yet blocky heel and a single strap, making it the perfect footwear for beach weddings and barbecue parties.

For Who Is This Trend For: This one is for our classy chic ladies who always want to look polished and elegant.

5. Dress Over Jeans

This summer, the street style would be a combination of the trendy and practical pieces of clothing. This trend allows you to enjoy the trendy and feminine look of dresses and at the same time, lets you experience the comfort and versatility of wearing pants.

If you wish to join the bandwagon, we highly recommend that you opt for shift and shirt dresses. Stick to plain ones and shy away from wearing dresses with loud colors and bold prints. You should avoid skinny jeans and opt for straight- leg jeans instead.

For Who Is This Trend For: This trend is perfect for women who love fashion and yet, still want to keep things practical.


6. Peek-a- Boo Lace Dress

Peek-a- Boo Lace Dress
If you have noticed, the catwalks have been filled with cutout dress styles for the past few years, and the trend continues up until now. These lace dresses with peek-a-boo designs offer a sophisticated look with a hint of playfulness and a touch of sexy which is just the perfect combination for the season!

If you wish to make the most out of this trend, we recommend that you opt for lace dress in bold and bright colors that would be perfect for the season.

For Who Is This Trend For: This playful look is most perfect for women who like to keep things and edgy and who love fashion-forward pieces. Because of its lace detail, the dresses are also perfect for extremely feminine and classy ladies out there.

You can have a sense of fashion without losing your personal style! We have shared the few summer trends and have given you an idea on who should wear it. We hope this will help you in exploring the trends that will suit your style.

This summer, you can follow summer fashion trends without losing your sense of style! Just keep in mind the few tips and trends that we have shared above, and you will certainly look your hottest during the upcoming summer season.

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By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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