Sex And The City Style: Most Influential Trendy Looks Forever!

Written by Denyelle Nelson, Modified October 23, 2018
Sex And The City Style

Remember the days of sex and the city? The fashion and confessions it bought us each week in every episode were nothing short of sexy, sophisticated, chic and super high fashioned. From the Alexander wang heels to the Michael Kors hand bag. To be honest just watching reruns of the series on Netflix could almost give you a fashion orgasm. Can we just admit that Carrie Bradshaw Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte were all our imaginary best friends?

The ladies of NYC will go down in history as the queens of fashionistas on a hit series tv show bringing high fashion to a whole new height.

high fashion to a whole new height

Of course, we loved the juice from Carrie Bradshaw’s book entries on Big as well as the NYC nights with her girls. But let’s face it one of the biggest reason we tuned in was the fashion.

Carrie book entries

And if you were like the rest of the world your eyes never wanted to leave the screen. These four New York women never played it safe when it came to style; the women made you feel as if you were right in the heart of Manhattan with them having a Cosmo.

Having a Cosmo

  • Here a Few Fashion Lessons We Learned From Each Of The Ladies

1. Carrie Bradshaw showed us that how to style and wear a dress and a tutu and even with a broken heart, every style was perfect for every occasion, even in the heartbreaking scenes all you could do was admire her style.

Carrie Bradshaw

2. Samatha Taught us to own your sexuality no matter your age as well being be outspoken and bold in style.


3. Miranda taught us that no matter which conservative and level headed you are, you can still be a major boss and put your foot down in stilettoes, implementing the essence of her character in style.


4. Charlotte taught how to be sweet and optimistic in her character while keeping her conservative sweet girl style image.


Although the hit series doesn’t air on our regular HBO schedules any more, the women who played these roles are all responsible for painting pictures on the screen of beautiful NYC nights; and colorful styles that still seems to inspire us all in some way shape fashion or form.


Pinterest hashtag of Sex and the City

Let’s face it all it takes is a Pinterest hashtag of Sex and the City there you have all the fashion ideas, and inspired style looks you need all season long.

style that will never go out of style

And it’s style that will never go out of style, the same designers such as Ralph Lauren, Vera wang, and others still grace out runways today and keep some of our favorites celebrities such as Kim K, Bella Hadid, and Beyonce Knowles just to name a few in their latest fashions.

New York Fashion Week

And let’s not forget to mention that these same designers are the reasons we care about New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Met galas and red carpets.

little fashion inspiration

So anytime you need some style inspiration don’t be afraid to use those hash tags sex and the city for the ladies to help you give you a little fashion inspiration.

“Hope you find the post helpful and we are excited to hear what you think of it!”

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