Is It The Right Time To Have Sex Conversation With My Partner?

Written by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Modified October 24, 2017
Talk About Sexual Health

For a successful relationship, communication is a very important element. For safe sexual health, satisfying your sexual desires, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, prevention of unwanted pregnancy, it is very important to talk about sexual health with your partner before having sex. This may end up saving your life. Although many people find talking about sexual health with your partner unromantic, but if this is not done, the adverse effects are not romantic either. Whatever decision you make, it’s a very good idea to understand the benefits and risks involved in your decision.


A successful sexual health relationship requires work and communication. Pretending that everything feels good, gives your partner a wrong notion. When you partner gets to find out the truth, he may feel hurt for not telling him earlier on. Bad communication is a very big problem in a sexual relationship. You have to let your partner know what he or she really likes and what turns him or her off.

Let your partner know what you need to feel safe. Try as much as possible to agree on confidentiality. Talk to your partner about actions and behaviors you enjoy. Listen to your partner with utmost attention and without any form of interruption.

Taking Precautions

Being concerned about contacting diseases or unwanted pregnancy can be a desire killer. Let your partner realize what he stands to gain by taking precautions before having sex. Just try to be firm and prepared. Leave yourself an avenue to delay or call of sex in case your partner does not agree to play safe. Feel free to bring up the topic with your partner before getting down to it. That is usually the best time for the safe sex discussion. Even after agreeing to have safe sex, try as much as possible not to get caught up in passion so as not to later forget.

Sexual pleasure

Do you like cuddling? What type of touch makes you feel good? What parts of your body do you particularly enjoy being touched? How will you like to be caressed, kissed, touched, or held? The more you know and explore your body sexuality and your sexual desires through masturbation, the clearer you can be to tell your partner the kind of touch you enjoy.

Feel free to show your partner how you like to touch yourself by masturbating in front of him or her. Your partner will learn more watching the way you rub your clitoris or stroke your penis, and make use of a sex toy.

Sexual boundaries

We all have a sexual no go area. These are sexual boundaries that we are not comfortable with exploring. Feel free to make a list of the sexual fantasies you will like to do, those you will be willing to give a try and those you are not willing to try again. This will make you and your partner determine the sexual fantasies that can give the both of your utmost satisfaction.

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