Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant: Results Are Just Ah-Mazing!

Written by Gracie Allen, Modified October 23, 2018

Trying to conceive can be a challenge for some first couples. Some of the most common and popular tips surrounding sex positions to get pregnant are not really all that dependable. They are often just myths and old wive’s tales that hold no real scientific reasons that can actually back it up.

There is no real way to ensure that the sperm and egg will get together once you do the deed, and with all these faux tips surrounding the chances of getting pregnant, it is easy to get deceived. You may think you and your darling are already doing it right, but these misconceptions can delay you from actually getting results. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks that you can try before, during, and after sex provided by fertility doctors that can do you a world of good.

If you are wondering what positions in bed to get pregnant are being referred to here, check out below list of sex positions to get pregnant and immediately (and hey, if it does not work, you can always try again *wink, wink*).

Rear Entry Position

One of the best sex positions to get pregnant is to have your partner enter you from the back. No, we are not talking about doggy style, this is referring to when you lie on your abdomen or lie side-by-side with your partner. This position increases the chances of conceiving because the position enables the penis to get close to the cervix. When this happens, it gets easier for the sperm to reach the cervix because of the intimate proximity.

1. Doggy Style Position

Doggy Style Position
The same logic applies to this favorite out of all sex positions to conceive a baby. Not only that, when you are on your legs and knees, and your partner enters you from behind, the deep penetration can also up your chances of helping the sperm delivered as close as possible to the egg. So not only does it feel good, but it is also dependable when you decide to start a family. For women who have a tipped uterus, this position is highly recommended by fertility experts.

2. Missionary Position

Missionary Position
This list will not be complete without the most classic of all sex positions. Think about it, if you are lying on your back, the vagina is directed towards the cervix. This position makes it easier for those bad boys to reach your cervix and uterus. If you want to get pregnant faster, and with twins this is the best position to get pregnant with twins. A surefire baby making missionary position is as simple as placing a pillow under the pelvis during sexual intercourse. Why? It lifts the vaginal tilt even more and improves the possible reception of semen by the cervix. Also, this position is a go-to position. There is no pressure and little doubts on whether you are doing it right or not. The comfort and security this position provides can contribute to the success of your pregnancy attempts.

3. Glowing Triangle Position

Glowing Triangle Position
Do not be intimidated by the name. You can spice up your sex life by adding a doable twist to the usual missionary position. Much similar to the missionary, you lay on your back with your man on above you. The difference in this position is, your partner will be on all fours leaning a little towards you with legs extending out. With an added elevation on your pelvis, you can easily hook your legs to your partner for increased intimacy, deeper penetration, and increased chance of conception.

4. Anvil Position

Anvil Position
Another missionary position with a fun twist. Before penetration, lift your legs higher than your head. With the man on top, let him inside you while you maintain this position. This guarantees a lot deeper penetration that might even hit your G-spot. Not only will this result in female orgasms, but it can help increase your chances of getting a baby. A lot of people guarantee that this is probably the best of all the sex positions to get pregnant.

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5. Magic Mountain Position

Magic Mountain Position
Magic mountain is a variation derived from the doggy position. This sexual style can get you pregnant faster. While you are on all fours, your partner should bend over you placing his chest on his back. If you find it hard to maintain the position due to balancing difficulty, using pillows under the head may do the trick. The reason why this is considered one of the most favorable positions to get pregnant is because it is similar to the Anvil position, it intimately stimulates the G-spot and allow the sperm to move deeper and a whole lot faster.

6. Butterfly Position

Butterfly Position
Such a pretty name, right? Butterfly sounds like a delicate sexual position, but do not be fooled. This position is for those who want to explore and be more adventurous while attempting pregnancy. For one, you do not need a bed for this. You need a table. Lie on your back, and your man should be between your feet, lifting your hips. This is one of the most exciting sex positions to get pregnant. It increases your chance of conceiving better by ensuring the sperms stay in the vaginal region for a much longer period.

7. The Union Of The Oyster Position

Lie on your back while bending your knees. Your partner should kneel down on the floor while penetrating you. This is quite an easy but really colorful way to add to your routine when going at it with your loved one.

Of course, knowing plenty of sex positions to get pregnant is a big help, but you might need some additional tips to lock in the deal and complete your mission:

First, track your cycle. Identifying the dates that you are more susceptible to conceiving is important when trying to get pregnant. During ovulation, your fertility meter peaks. You might want to invite your partner for some intense and passionate love-making session! If you have an irregular cycle, well there is no harm done in having sex three times a week, right?

Get things started by spooning before sex. Studies show that cuddling in this position can increase sperm count because of the increased arousal.

Avoid positions that require you to stand up or sit down. You need to make sure that the sperm will travel upstream and not anywhere else.

On that note, make sure that you lay down on your bed for longer after the intercourse just to seal it in. Although, when a man ejaculates, the sperms directly mix with the cervical mucus and falls into the fallopian tubes in just a few seconds.

Lovemaking can turn into a chore when trying for a baby if you refuse to make it fun. Make your sex life a lot more fascinating by throwing in a few new moves every once in a while.

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