What Is Sexual Afterglow? All The (Real Scientific Facts) About It

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 23, 2018

We all know that sex is good for you. It is good for your physical, emotional, and mental health. According to most research studies, sex can trigger the release (known as the love hormone) which can induce positive feelings in us. But aside from these well-known facts, many people are now raving about the so-called sexual afterglow.

Have you been wondering if you have already experienced sexual afterglow? Or, are you, skeptic, if it really is existent? Is this just a myth? Or does it have scientific backing? Well, for one, having an orgasm feels awesome, and it sure has a lasting effect.

1. What Is Sexual Afterglow?

stronger sexual afterglow

The Urban Dictionary defines sexual afterglow as the glowing radiance you feel just right after sex. It’s the sensual and warm feeling that envelops your whole body after making love with your partner. It gives you a general feeling of happiness that lifts your mood. Some even say that it lasts up to 48 hours after sex!

The Facts
The awesomeness of sexual satisfaction does not end after the orgasm. A healthy sex life gradually increases the satisfaction level and pair bonding between couples.

According to Andrea Meltzer in a journal published for Psychological Science, there really is a sexual afterglow that lasts for 48 hours. There are long-term effects that keep the couple together. This is not just a temporary togetherness that they have observed in their study, it lasts and helps elevate the couples levels of relationship for several months up to years and decades!

To find out more about the sexual afterglow, a few newly-wed couples participated in the study and answered questionnaires to help them establish a parameter for the study. They were asked about the frequency of the sexual activity and to take note of the higher levels afterglow whenever they have sex.

The couples reported that the sexual satisfaction remains elevated on the next day after they had sex. On average, it extends up to the next day! However, on the third day, couples reported that the warm and fuzzy feeling dramatically decreases.

After following the newly-weds for a couple of months, they have found out that higher level of sexual satisfaction increases as the couple sustains a healthy sexual relationship that extends and gives the couple a stronger sexual afterglow.

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2. How Does It Affect You And Your Partner?

happy couples
Physically, the afterglow immediately improves the mood and gives the couple a feeling and sense of contentment and happiness. It extends for a few days and keeps people motivated. The psychological satisfaction increases confidence and resilience against the harsh world.

Having a sexual afterglow is something that is important for happy couples. The topic may seem trivial. However, a healthy sexual relationship can keep couples content and satisfied. From the immediate standpoint, it may seem that the sexual afterglow only has a short-term effect that may last a few days.

But, many sex reports state that a satisfying sexual relationship helps keep marriages intact! Sexual satisfaction may feel like it only last hours after having sex, but it really extends to marital satisfaction.

There are also some studies that showed that the feelings brought about by the sexual afterglow could reduce the need or urge to cheat, increasing your chances that you and your partner can stay together for as longer as possible.

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3. Does It Increase The Level Of Sexual Satisfaction?

Level Of Sexual Satisfaction
According to the numerous study published in journals and magazines, the afterglow heightens the senses and sexual satisfaction for days. In an article published at Womenshealthmag, couples reported that they had heightened sexual satisfaction that lasts for 14 days.

After the initial sexual intercourse , the feeling of satisfaction is heightened and gradually improves over time up to fourteen days.

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4. How To Boost Your Sexual Experience

 Foreplay To Boost Sexual Experience
But please do keep in mind that you can enjoy this afterglow not by having sex more often. Getting that glow is about the quality of your sexual intercourse-it is more about the quality. So do not aim for just having sex many times a week. Instead, make sure that every sexual intercourse you will have with your partner will be as memorable, fun, romantic, sexy, and enjoyable as possible!

Here are some tips on how to you can do that:

A.Know What You Partner Wants

If you want to give what your partner wants, you need to ask her what she needs and the best way to do that is to talk about it. If you are also having some issues with your sexual escapades, it is also best that you tell him or her about it too.

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B.Try Out Different Positions

We know that missionary is the easiest position, but it can get a bit boring over time. With that in mind, you may want to spice up your sex life by trying out different positions. Just make sure that your partner is up for it!

C.Prioritize Foreplay

How satisfying your sex can be Is dependent upon the quality of foreplay that you will have. This is because it is during sexual foreplay that the blood flow to the genitals is stimulated which can help you achieve stronger and better orgasms. In short, you get to enjoy a more satisfying and pleasurable sex experience.

The sexual afterglow is not an elusive thing that is hard to find. I know you immediately feel it after the sex. Maybe you just haven’t noticed that you already have it in you! But you just know that there is a warm feeling in you that feels good and lightens up your mood.

We know that having sex can lift up our spirits and cheer up, but many of us have no idea that these positive feelings can stay for as long as two days after sex. This is indeed a big revelation to all of us, and for sure, people with a stronger libido will be happy to know that they can get to enjoy the amazing benefits of sexual intercourse even after two days after having sex.

“Hope you find the post helpful and we are excited to hear what you think of it!

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