Shoe Cleaning Hacks: Hacks To Make Your Old Shoes Like A Brand New

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 23, 2018

A few dozen shoes in your closet are fine. Right ladies? There’s always got to be a right shoe for your outfit! I know, through the years, you have grown your selection. If you got a shoe for every occasion already, I commend you for a job well done.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you wear and walk with your shoes, they would still end up dirty. Even in the closet, they manage to harbor dust. Worse, the white ones get oxidized and turn brown! Let’s take a look at a few shoe cleaning hacks on how to clean white sneakers.

1. Routine Shoe Cleaning

Routine Shoe Cleaning

Your shoes are not spared from getting dirty when you are not using them. Wherever you place them, they will collect dust, and they will get oxidized. This is why routine cleaning is important. The dirt stuck in your shoes may leave a permanent stain, so, the best way to clean shoes is right after using it.

2. Hacks To Make Your Shoes Look Brand New

make shoes look new
There are a lot of different ways to clean your shoes. There is no one perfect formula to clean it. But, not all shoes are made the same. Manufacturers use different types of material to make a shoe. A typical shoe can be made of fabric and rubber. Well, it doesn’t end there. They may use different types of fabric and rubber in a shoe! This makes taking cleaning and taking care of your shoes more delicate.
But, here’s a guideline to clean your shoes:


  • How To Clean Your Shoes

how to clean shoes
The rubber parts you see on your shoes can be easily cleaned by wiping off with a wet cloth. Even without soap, you can easily take dirt and grime off rubber surface.

Cleaning Hack: If you are faced with stubborn dirt that stained the rubber, you can use toothpaste to clean it off. Just like brushing your teeth, brush the rubber parts of the shoe, and the stain will be washed away.

Now, to the top of your shoe can get a little tricky. If it’s made of leather or other water-resistant material, cleaning it would be a lot easier. Dish soap and sponge can do the trick! However, for other non-water-resistant fabric, here’s a cool trick.

To do this, prepare:

1. 1tblsp baking powder

2. 1tblsp water

3. 1tblsp hydrogen peroxide

4.Old toothbrush

Cleaning Hack:

1. Mix 1 tablespoon baking powder, 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tablespoon water. This will form a pasty solution.

2. Apply two layers of the solution on the surface of the shoe.

3. Soak the shoe laces on the remaining solution (if it has shoe laces)

4. Let it dry under the sun for a minimum of 4 hours to half a day.

5. Slap your shoes together to get rid of the dry residue left by the baking powder solution.

This is a neat trick that does not involve a soapy solution. Baking powder and hydrogen peroxide is a great way on how to get stains out of white shoes.

  • How To Clean The Bottom Of a Shoe

get stains out of white shoes
Most people would raise brows when they hear this question. Why would you need to clean the part of your shoes that come in contact with the ground? This may be silly for some, but hey, there are individuals who will not be satisfied with just cleaning the tops of their shoes!

To clean the bottom of your shoes, you will need:

  • Pure acetone
  • Old rag or face towel
  • Brush
  • Detergent
  • 1. Clean the soles with detergent and brush then, dry it. This will take off the dirt from the soles but may not bring the vibrant color of the soles.

    2. Now, wrap three fingers with old rag or towel.

    3. Wet the rag with pure acetone.

    Cleaning Hack: Instead of acetone, use paint thinner. It’s much more effective. But be careful not to smear it on the fabric of the shoe. It leaves its smell for a long time.

    4. Vigorously wipe the soles of your shoes.

    You will be astonished by the results. The soles of your shoes will be like new again!


    • How To Clean The Inside Of Your Shoes

    how to clean sneakers
    Black gunk, over time, builds inside your shoes especially if you wear them all day long every day! Cleaning the inside of your shoes once in a while will ensure that your feet will not smell too! Here are a few hacks you can do on how to clean sneakers.

    Cleaning Hack:

    Kitchen Towel And Lysol

    Wipe the inside of your shoes with Lysol. Wet a kitchen towel and clean the inside of your shoes with it. Lysol can keep the bacteria from growing.

    Vinegar And Water

    Mix vinegar with water in a 1:5 ratio. Soak the insoles in the solution and squeeze the excess liquid. Air dry completely before placing it back. The vinegar cleans and prevents bacteria from growing in the fabric.

    • Hacks To Keep Your Shoes Clean And Fresh

    keep shoes clean
    Now that you have your shoes thoroughly cleaned, you can keep them fresher longer when you follow these steps.

    1. After wearing your shoes, insert crumpled newspaper inside to wick moisture from the inside of your shoes. Without moisture, bacteria won’t build up.

    2. Insert a freshness packets or silica gel inside your shoes to prevent moisture from building up

    3. Make a DIY sachet and fill it with detergent powder. This will make sure your shoes are odor free!

    4. Insert dryer sheets inside your shoes to keep them free of moisture and leave a fresh odor.

    5. Use a waterproofing spray to make sure dirt would not stick to your shoes.

    Hack: Instead of a waterproofing spray, you can use a white candle to waterproof your shoes.

    1. Rub the candle around the shoes covering all the spots.

    2. Use a hair dryer to melt the thin layer of a candle and meld with the fabric.

    3. Viola! Instant waterproof shoes!

    3. Can You Put Dirty Shoes In The Washer?

    shoes in washer
    Well, basically, you can put your shoes in the washer. You will come up with a cleaner shoe! However, if you shoes are just put together with shoe adhesive, putting it in the washer may ruin your shoes. Stitched shoes are more durable and can withstand a washer cycle. But generally, it is not advisable to wash shoes in the washer.

    Follow this shoe cleaning hacks and your shoes will last a long time!

    “Hope you find the post helpful and we are excited to hear what you think of it!”

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