Most Beautiful Tiny Side Boob Tattoo Ideas That Are Pretty Sexy

Written by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Modified February 15, 2018
Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

Any woman who shows off a sneak peak of her boobs seen by the side becomes a talk of the town. The Internet has become buzzing with photos of such women and especially the celebrity ones. I mean, who doesn’t admire a nice side boob snapshot? The angled photo does not only show what a woman adores and possesses but also shows off that women have the ability of rocking. An amazing angle picture of a tattoo linked to the side boob or the side ribs will leave lips wagging. Most of this side boob tattoo ideas include designs of various patterns such as vines, flowers, birds or even geometric patterns. Other women would love to have the tats at the lower part of the boob’s side. This is one of the trending tattoos spots. However, a lady who can have a tattoo on the whole side of her body would still rock as long as it fits her well. A tiny side boob tattoo might look simple, but it’s a killer combo. There is a whole variety of this small side boob tattoos, and a nice choice would determine how cute you’ll look from the side. Here are some of the thirteen mesmerizing tiny side boob tattoo ideas that I have sampled for you:

1. Half Mandala Side Boob Tattoo

Under Boob Tattoo

Squares or triangles dominate the tattoo’s design joined to bring a circle like structure. The circle and many of its designs within are parts of this universe. It is also believed to be a sign in a dream representing search of completeness and self-unity among the dreamers. The mandala can be done as an underboob tattoo also.

2. Heart Side Boob Tattoo

Breast Side Tattoo

Love makes the world go round. The heart shape, on the other hand, is a universal symbol of the love feeling. Having this shape as a tattoo design is mostly means that you are filled with love. This can be one of the side boob tattoo ideas that can attract prying eyes from far.

3. Floral Side Boob Tattoo

Breast Tattoos

A floral tattoo will come in different shapes and styles as well as sizes. However, for breast tattoos, a tiny floral tattoo will rock. A tattoo artist will put a color- inspired spins such as compose pieces and other bright tones which stand out. Most of the floral tattoos have a rose flower. A rose tattoo means balance, and they symbolize new beginnings, hope, and unending love.


4. White Ink Dove Side Boob Tattoo

White Ink Dove Side Boob Tattoo

Doves are beautiful and innocent birds that look adoring with their white looks. The under breast tattoo design can contain either a simple or complex tattoo. They can also be tiny or large. A dove tattoo can have many meanings. One of the meanings is enduring love and devotion representing how the dove mates with one dove as long as they live and they take care of their little one together. A dove holding an olive branch represents peace. Other meanings include new beginning, victory or success, family and the messenger.

5. Cresent Moon

Cresent Moon Tattoo

Half crescent moons are particularly known amongst ladies. They are a symbol of feminine power. Our lives on earth are encouraged and touched by the moon especially during darkness. A crescent moon can be done as an under breast tattoo. However, it is among the best side boob tattoo ideas. It can be a simple or complex design. They have significance for those who follow waxing and waning of the moon. The vast energy of the moon can change someone’s mood.


6. A Seashell

Seashell Side Boob Tattoo

A seashell tattoo is loved by people who love the sea. They are best done in a simple sketch or colored splashes. Seashells make special tattoo patterns which have various styles. They are among the unique and rare tattoos. As sea shells act as protective shields for sea creatures, a seashell tattoo symbolizes shielding quality of love.


7. An Airplane

An Airplane Side Boob Tattoo

People who love traveling using airplane love such tattoos. They are of various designs such as a perfect paper airplane, amazing fighter airplane, silhouette airplane tattoo, and 3D airplane tattoo among others. For people who love aviation industry and are passionate about airplanes, the tattoos give them a fulfilling feeling.

8. A Wave

A Wave Side Boob Tattoo

This is one of the side boob tattoo ideas that can be simple but fashionable. It is cute but also rare, and so one can choose how they want it. The wave tattoos represent water and are both complex and simple designs. Wave tattoo could mean cleansing since water is purifying.

9. A Pineapple

A Pineapple Tattoo

This is one of the small side boob tattoos that can be inspiring. Pineapples are regarded as juicy tropical fruits that can be used to express ones cheerful and friendly character. Lovers of this fruit can have the designed tattoo. The tattoo is a well-known symbol of hospitality as well as wealth.

10. A Feather

Feather Side Boob Tattoo

Feathers are among the oldest tattoo ideas. They are designed in different colors and sizes. They represent freedom just like a bird. They also present other meanings such as luck or loss.

11. An Anchor

An Anchor Side Boob Tattoo

This is another tattoo that can be an under breast tattoo that shows one’s love for the sea. Anchor tattoos have been around for a better part of the century. There is a strong union between anchor and Christianity. It was used to hide the symbol of the cross during the persecution times. Sailors love the tattoo because it means stability and strong foundation.

12. A Balloon

Balloon Side Boob Idea

These are unique and interesting tattoo designs to fit the side boob. They can be designed in many ways and a popular style being the hot air balloon. They can be designed in different colors in unique designs. Balloon tattoos are positive inspirations and offer other symbolic meaning to people wearing the tattoos.

13. A Diamond

Diamond Side Boob Tattoo

Diamond tattoos are among the famous and most sought after tats in the world. It can be drawn alone or matched with other symbols. The shape is great for both large and smaller tattoos. Diamonds are associated with wealth, fashion, and luxury. Diamond tattoos can mean strength and invincibility. They may also portray the inner beauty to the wearer. They also represent value and wealth.

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