Summer Makeup Looks : You Should Try This Hot Season

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
Summer Makeup Looks : You Should Try This Hot Season

The high summer temperatures always tamper with our makeup. You may aim for a smooth and subtle appearance in the morning but by the end of the day, you appear all sweaty and your makeup all over the place. Finding that one single thing that will make summer makeup beautiful is first in the “list of beauty things to do this summer”. Well by good luck, you might not have to go all the way and start checking out your list and cancelling some of the items listed. In this hot summer, we have compiled a list of some of the trending and most beautiful make up looks that will totally knock you out. All you need and require is to try them out. See for yourself!


1. Sleeping In Eyeliner


Sleeping in eyeliner


This does not mean you sleep in your makeup, no! It simply means that you achieve that look you normally have after walking out of bed and you forgot to remove your eyeliner after a night out parting. Achieving this look in a subtle way this summer will give you one of the best summer makeup looks ever. You can achieve this specific look by wearing a mix of black eyeliner mixed with a silver eye shadow.

  • Summer Makeup Tips– leave your eye makeup in pace even if it starts running in the hot sun this summer. This is the trick required to achieve the sleeping in eyeliner with traces of a shadow from the previous night but also appearing fresh and highly alert 

    2. Smudged Makeup


    Smudged Makeup


    Smudged or snogged lipstick is one of the latest makeup trends that are gracing the fashion world. Models and young people are being seen with smudged lipstick all over as if they just completed their making out session. This has taken many by surprise but has also been embraced making it much trendier.

    • Summer Makeup Tips– well if you have a difficult time remaining still and keeping your lipstick on, the smudged lips is one of the best makeup trends for summer that will offer you the opportunity to appear and retain your messy and glossier lipstick.


    3. Stained Makeup


    Stained Makeup


    Best makeup for summer is dependent on how well you can mix up the colours or how well you are able to achieve colour. With stained makeup especially in reference to lipstick or lip makeup, you will definitely make a trend with some of the best summer makeup looks. In addition, it is easy and fast to achieve a stained makeup look. All you have to do is apply a blot using your fingertips at the center of your lips or cheek achieving a stained look.

    • Summer Makeup Tips– you can also achieve the look by eating a Popsicle.


    4. Eye Gloss Your Makeup


    Eye Gloss your makeup


    Highlight is often something we tend to avoid during summer. However, what if you can achieve the best look by using eye gloss to achieve that shiny appearance that masks the hot summer sweat trickling down your eyelids?

  • Summer Makeup Tips– using eye gloss prevents the sweat from appearing messy. It makes the gloss appear in another shade but it is still the gloss saving your summer makeup looks for the day.

    5. Gothy Eyeliner


    Gothy Eyeliner


    From smudged lipstick, the gothy eyeliner is another of the latest makeup trends that people are wearing today. Instead of running and sweating ensuring that your makeup runs or moving under the shower to achieve the same, all you have to do now is to apply kohl, smudge it and let it be.

    • Summer Makeup Tips– If looking for a fast and easy to accomplish summer makeup look, then this is the one for you.


    6. Smudgy but Smoky


    Smudgy but Smoky


    Ever heard of the best makeup for summer, this is it. You start the day off with smoky eyes and end up with smudgy but smoky eyes. As the day or night takes its toll, your eye makeup becomes smudgy. To achieve this trending summer makeup look, you will need eye shadow that is shimmering kohl or brown eyeliners. Apply the shimmering eye shadow on the lower and upper eye creases and blend in the eyeliners. Apply some mascara and let it be.



    7. Sunkissed Shadow


    Sunkissed shadow


    Heat often gives us nightmares, but today, it has offered the perfect makeup solution. If your lipsticks are melting, you don’t have to worry. Blend them together and use the blended material to give yourself a bronzed look. Achieve the most subtle hue and colour using repurposed makeup items.

    • Summer Makeup Tips – Do not incur losses bent on never using damaged or heat damaged makeup. With the blended and repurposed lipstick hues, you no longer have to be afraid of the summer sun but rather associate it with some of the best summer makeup looks ever.


    8. Glossy Shine


    Glossy Shine


    Imagine running under the hot summer sun in order to catch the bus or the train? The resulting makeup look is what is defined or described as a glossy shine. You normally shine under the eyelids, and on your cheek bones, which is completely natural. Well you can also achieve this specific final look using essential makeup items such as Vaseline.

    • Summer Makeup Tips – Apply the Vaseline on your cheekbones and under the eyes to achieve the shine on any summer day.


    9. Bronzer




    Think about the sweaty environment you are about to walk in and how your makeup is absorbed into the skin in a short while leaving skin look behind. This is the kind of bronzed summer makeup looks you be going after this summer.


    10. Automatic Eyeliner


    Automatic Eyeliner


    Well, heat is sometimes an added plus for mascara application on the face. Instead of it running on the face, it is spread much more evenly achieving the best makeup for summer and it might become one of the latest makeup trends if pulled off smoothly and efficiently.

    • Summer Makeup Tips– Let your mascara liquefy before applying it in order to achieve this specific summer makeup look.


    Summer has definitely been made easier with these beautiful summer makeup applications and looks. They retain your summer appearances and allow you to remain trendy and fashionable in the beauty sceneries all the time. Preciseness in the application will ensure that the outcomes are as desired.

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