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Summer Straw Hats Are Here And You’re Going To Love Them The Most

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 23, 2017
Summer Straw Hats Are Here And You’re Going To Love Them The Most

This summer season, we are all focused on finding the perfect swimwear, achieving the ultimate beach body or looking for the best summer destinations. But did you ever stop and think of the ways on how you can protect your skin from the sun? Due to the increasing risk of UV exposure, it is important now more than ever that you look for ways on how you can protect your skin from sun damage.

Well, I am here to share with you one simple tip on how to protect your skin. The best thing about this tip that I will be sharing with you is that it does not require skin care products and it actually involves a little bit about fashion. So, what is this tip? Wear summer straw hats!

These straw hats are starting to be a big hit during this hot season because it can help protect your face from the sun in the most stylish way possible! Just put this on, and you can ensure good skin health plus you can take your summer outfit to a whole new level as well. Now, isn’t that a win-win?

If you wish to know more about the best sun hat and how you can style them during the hot season, here are some of the things you need to know:


1. Different Summer Straw Hats Styles


Another thing you would love about straw hats is that they come in different designs and styles, so you will never run out of options! Below are some of the designs that you can expect to see this summer:

Fruity Straw Hats


Yes, that is exactly what we meant! This summer, expect to see neutral colored straw hats with crocheted fruits hanging at their edges. As we all know, summer is all about having fun, and this straw hat is definitely design for that same purpose.

How to Style: Nothing screams fun and color more than this straw hat. Since the design of this hat is a bit childish, you can make the most out of it by pairing it with a shirt and a jumper short. Put on color flip flops or sneakers, and you are great to go!

Straw cowboy hat


If you are the type of woman who likes to keep things simple and functional, this one is for you! These hats are brown in color, and the sides are rolled inwards to achieve the cowboy hat look. Not every woman have the guts to pull off a straw cowboy hat, but the truth is, it is quite easy to style!

How to Style: This hat is perfect for your classic white shirt and denim cutoffs ensemble. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can also throw in a pair of brown boots.


Floppy Straw Hat


Now, this one is made for the extremely feminine ladies out there! This hat will surely make you feel every inch like a goddess, and they come in vibrant colors that can certainly make your outfits stand out. In addition to its style, the floppy hat is also the most functional of them all as it covers a wider surface area of our skin, protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun.

How to Style: The floppy straw hat is the best hat that you can use to go for a classic all-American ensemble. Opt for a striped black, and white shirt dress, a black floppy straw hat and oversized sunnies and you are ready for summer!

Straw Sun Visor


One of the trendiest and most modern versions of the straw hat that we have today is the sun visor. This is perfect for people who wish to take advantage of the shade that the hat gives them but does not want to cover their entire head. This is the perfect accessory when you are out at the beach, trying to get a tan.

How to Style: As mentioned above, the sun visor is best worn when you are out on the beach getting a tan, so the best clothes for the sun visor is no other than your swimsuit! You can also pair it with casual clothes like a white shirt and denim cutoffs.

Straw Beret


If you do not have any plans of going to the beach, then the straw hats mentioned above may not be suitable for you. The straw beret is the perfect straw hat for the people who will be staying in the city all summer long. The beret is perfect for laidback clothes like jumpsuits, dresses, skirts and many more. This hat will certainly allow you to inject some summer vibes to your city look.

How to Style: The best way to style a beret (even a straw one) is to pair it with a skater skirt and tank top ensemble. For a more stylish look, opt for a red skater skirt paired with a striped black and white tank top.

Panama Hat


This is actually the most common straw hat design that you can ever see not just in the city but the beach as well! Panama hat is the type of straw hat that usually has a small black line around it.

How to Style: The best way to style this straw summer hat is to pair it with the ultimate travel outfit—white button-down shirt and denim cutoffs. This is perfect not just on the beach but when you are traveling to a foreign town as well. If you wish to make your look more polished, you can cinch your shorts with a brown leather belt with golden details.

Summer straw hats are all the rage this hot season, and it is for a good reason! These hats are not just for aesthetic purposes—they are functional too! In fact, they might just be the most stylish sun protection that you can ever get your hands on this summer! So, what are you waiting for? Put on your best travel sun hat and fight off the harmful UV rays in style!

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