Sunglasses For Women

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
Sunglasses For Women

Every woman needs a pair of the latest sunglasses for summer. The best pair of shades will complete your every look in summer, and more importantly, the right sunnies will tell people around you the type of woman you are. These sunglasses for women will make your outdoor summer activities fun and memorable. Just find the sunglasses trends 2017 that you are comfortable with, and it’s go time. Nothing will refresh your summer look like a pair of the following statement shades.


1. Retro Oversize Aviators


Retro Oversize Aviators


Oversized glasses are gradually making a comeback, and by the look of things, they are going to be the dominant sunglasses trends 2017. The right pair of retro oversize aviators will give you the best summer experience. These sunnies are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors making it possible to choose the best. When you wear these sunglasses for summer, everyone will have to notice you. As a matter of fact, you will be the center of attraction all summer. One thing about these shades is that they can be comfortably paired with a broad range of outfits. They will perfectly pair with your short summer dress and sandals as well as any other summer outfit. If you are looking to stay in line with the latest eyewear trends, these are your go-to sunglasses. Some retro oversize aviators to try include 58Mm Aviator Women’s Jules Sunglasses available in gold, white, crystal, and black, Tortoiseshell Aviator Sunglasses, 2 Pack Aviator Plastic Sunglasses with Flash Lens, Aviator AJ Morgan Sunglasses in Contrast Gold and Matt Black, Women’s Jacques Sunglasses, 60MM Two-Tone Wildfox Round Aviator Sunglasses, Oversize Cedric Aviator Sunglasses, Plastic Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, Mirrored Aviator 57MM Sunglasses, and Rounded Aviator Sunglasses.


2. Colored Lenses


Colored Lenses


Colored frame shades are the most favorite sunglasses trends 2017. They have a neutral colorway that makes them the perfect summer choice. They will match your outfits without having to try too much. People love these sunnies because of their beautiful look and elegant design. Colored stylish sunglasses are great accessories and can fit almost all face shapes. Some examples of colored lenses to look out for include Fleur in Metallic Copper, Super by Gals 50M Retrosuperfuture Mirrored Square Sunglasses, Leonard Mask Sunglasses for women, St. Louis KREWE Sunglasses, Sculpt cat-eye sunglasses, and Cat Eye Fendi Removable Printed Glasses. All these glasses are classy and worth the last dollar.



3. Round Lenses


Round Lenses


Round eyeglasses frames are ideal for women who are ready for some change. Most come with some retro silhouette guaranteeing you all the attention. Round framed sunnies are simple and beautiful at the same time. Rocked by the likes of Rihanna, they symbolize creative people and free spirits. To look more professional with your round lenses, consider going for metal round frames. Round lenses are ideal for rectangular and square shaped faces. They easily match and mix with various outfits from hipster sweaters to hats. Examples of round lenses to try include Trimmed Monochromatic Prada Round Sunglasses, Oversized Blue Round Sunglasses, 48Mm Women’s Round Sunglasses, Bevelled round sunglasses, Nomi sunglasses, and 54mm Marc Jacobs Round Sunglasses. Despite being trendy, these sunnies are affordable.


4. Sporty Cat Eyes


Sporty Cat Eyes


Sporty cat sunglasses look good on almost everyone. They are still stylish and favorites for many ladies. They are ideal for the beach and other summer parties. One great this about cat eye frames is that they are always sexy and bring about a serious image of an independent lady who knows what she needs. For this reason, most fashionable women love them. For the summer, consider going super retro with thicker glasses. They are available in different colors and shapes. The Connie Boohoo White Cat Eye Revo Lense Sunglasses are a must have. You can purchase them from US.BOHOO.COM for $14. For your sporty cat look, you may also go for Black Acetate Boca Cat-eye Mirrored Sunglasses. One thing about black frames is that they can give you the look you want. Buy these frames from NET-A-PORTER.COM. Currently, they are retailing at $220. You may also try Cat Eye Pearl Frosted Sunglasses, which are ideal for convertible weather. Other Sporty Cat-eye sunglasses to try include 1 Cat-eye Fhloston Paradise Acetate Sunglasses, Gwen Stefani GX Full Rim Women Cat Eye Sunglasses, 49Mm D’Blanc Modern Women Cat Eye Sunglasses, Women’s Layered Cat Sunglasses, Cat-Eye Wavvvy sunglasses, and Dahlia Dark Green Perverse Cat-Eye Sunglasses. For your playful side consider going for silhouette coquette.


5. Clubmaster Sunglasses


Clubmaster Sunglasses


These sunnies are also referred to as the half rim. They are ideal if you want an acetate, metal frame and discreet sunglasses that will make you feel and look cool. These sunglasses are a perfect fit for the stylish modern woman. Their vintage inspired look makes them the go to sunnies for summer. These frames can be worn with almost all summer outfits. Additionally, you can match your clubmaster sunnies with your favorite hats.


6. Aviator Sunglasses


Aviator Sunglasses


These glasses are a favorite, especially for eyewear enthusiasts. Currently, they are the most popular frames for the summer. When wearing one of these, you can be sure that all eyes are on you. Aviator sunglasses allow for wearing with prescription glasses. Aviator sunglasses can also compliment your facial features, and you can use them as stylish accessories to improve your outfits. They come in various styles and colors. Additionally, aviator sunglasses will always compliment your looks with their snazzy discreet frames.



Women are now in love with sunglasses more than ever. Whether you are the type of lady who owns a single pair of sunglasses for a decade or a woman with a drawer full of over 20 sunglasses, it ‘s nice to own the best sunnies of the moment. Aviator and cat-eye shapes remain the most sought after sunglasses. Thin sunglasses and tinted frames are also great sunglasses to have this summer. The latest sunglasses will brighten your mood and make your summer memorable. You can match and mix them with whatever outfit to become the center of attraction.

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