Know The 3 Weird Things About Vagina That Are Totally Normal

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017

Your vagina is one of the most natural and healthy body organs known to man. However, many are the girls and women who do not know this as a fact. In fact, they may not even know if vaginal discharge and the natural smell it produces are normal or just a condition that they have never had the courage to discuss with their doctors. If you are asking what I am discussing till now, well as a girl, I am about to expound on those things that you fear talking about to your doctor, mom or dear friends. Here are some of the facts that you think are weird but are totally normal about your vagina. It is about time you distinguished between the fallacies told about the vagina and know the truth about it.


1. It Is Irregular In Shape Or Uneven




No need to get embarrassed in regards to some of the things about vagina discussed. This is a fact, you might even feel funny about discussing it but it is the truth. If not convinced, I believe it is about time that you have a look. Grab the nearest mirror and examine your vagina. Surprised! Well, no need. What you are seeing is the external side of your vagina. It is mainly made of the vulva and the vaginal lips, which come in different sizes, colors and definitely shape. One of your lips may be longer and appear wrinkly in nature; there is no need for alarm.

Especially if yours looks a tad different from what you have seen. Just keep in mind that it is an essential body organ and half of the people in the planet, own one. Therefore, accept it and move on.


Discharge And Pubic Hair




Seen the wetness of your vagina, you are not wetting yourself if that’s what you think. These are just some of the normal elements or things about vagina that you didn’t know. It is totally normal to see some secretions or discharge from your vagina. Discharge can come in many forms but mostly, it is either clear when you look at it, whitish or with a yellowish tint especially if it dries on your innerwear. The discharge levels vary in relation to the time of the month. It can sometimes increase in amounts and sometimes, discharge is really in small amounts.

Clear discharge is as a result of the vagina cleaning itself out. This is why you are advised to use plain water on the vagina as it does clean itself. However, if the said discharge changes in color or context i.e. it becomes chunky, grayish or even green in color, then you need to see a doctor immediately. It can be a serious vaginal infection that requires immediate attention.

The female vagina comes with a lot of pubic hair or very little of it. By knowing these vagina facts, you reserve the right to know the next step and make the decision on what to do with it. if you think it is better to shave it all or wax it out of your skin, it is your decision. If not into shaving and waxing, that is okay as well. Do not be disturbed by what others say or deem to have experienced in their relationships. If hooking up, the state of your pubic hair is the last thing that the guy is going to argue about. Probably, it is not even in their minds as their concentration is elsewhere so, relax and enjoy the moment.



2. Sweat And a Natural Scent




Just like any other body organ, the vagina structure includes a lot of sweat glands. Whether involved in intensive workouts or not, you are sure to sweat down there. If uncomfortable as a result, you are advised to wear cotton pants or underwear. They are highly absorbent and will keep you dry. If not, purchase some panty liners especially if wearing underwear made from silky and nylon materials. They are not absorbent and can cause more irritation or itchiness if worn on their own.

The female vagina has natural smells associated with it. The natural scent depending on the time of the month can vary from musky to metallic especially if it is that time of the month. However, the smell of your vagina can indicate unhealthy nature of your vagina. Some of the vagina facts says that a fishy odor signifies vaginal infections. If irritated by your vaginal smell, do not wash or use scented items to clean such as soaps or gels, this even more dangerous. The vagina structure cleans itself out and all you need is plain warm water and no soap when washing it. Failure to do so can result in excessive itchiness, irritation and vaginal infections that can be prevented by avoiding such things as scented soaps, panty liners and even menstrual towels, pads or tampons.


3. Bumps On The Vagina




Some of the major facts or things about vagina include the labia, which are the lips of the vagina and the vulva which is the skin surrounding the lips of the vagina. Have you seen or felt some bumps on your vulva or the labia? Well, don’t get alarmed. Sometimes, as the pubic hair grows which is part of the vaginal structure, a pimple may appear as a result of some ingrown pubic hair. Therefore, there is no need to sound so alarmed.

However, if sexually active and have been having intimate relations, this is not the case. This is essential if the bump that appeared lasts longer than a day or two. It can signify a huge underlying problem if involved in sexual relations. Visiting your doctor and explaining yourself is a wise choice and step. In addition, it will eliminate any doubt you might have on yourself and ascertains the health of your vagina.


The vagina is sensitive as it is thorough in its functionality. Therefore, it is important to know what is normal and what is not in order to safeguard your health as an individual and as a girl, lady or woman.

“Hope you find the post helpful and we excited to hear what you think of it!”

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