7 Tiny Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Go WOO!!

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 24, 2017
Tiny Tattoo Ideas

Do you like to have a tattoo? If so, what is preventing you from having one? Is it because you will have some problems concealing it when you are at school or in your work place? Well, we have found a solution for you! Today, the tattoo industry has greatly evolved and has given people like you a chance! That is why we are excited to announce to you that you can now have a tiny tattoo!

Are you liking where this is going? Then continue reading and discover the tiny tattoo ideas we have in store for you:

Bobby pin tattoo in finger

Bobby pin tattoo in finger

Are you always in need of a bobby pin? Well, we have an idea! Why don’t you try tattooing it at the side of your finger? Not only is this a cool way to make sure that you will have a bobby pin with you wherever you go; it also makes a great and interesting tiny tattoo.

White tattoo

White tattoo

If you want your tattoo to go unnoticed as much as possible, then why don’t you try the subtlest form of all—the white tattoo. But please keep in mind that white tattoo takes a lot longer to do than the usual types of tattoo. Plus, the problem with it is that it will not look white at all times. Sometimes, it has a tendency to look like a scar

Heart on your palm

Heart on your palm

Are you an advocate of love? Well, do not forget to show your love for love by having a small heart drawing tattooed on your palm. But please bear in mind, that tattoo on a palm can be quite painful so you should only try it if you have a high tolerance for pain.

Stack of ring tattoo on your fingers

Stack of ring tattoo on your fingers

Do you love to accessorize? If so, then we suggest having a pile of rings tattooed in one of your fingers. This is one of the best ways to make sure that you will be wearing your favorite accessory day in and day out.

tattoo at the back of the neck

Statement tattoo at the back of the neck

Do you want to let people know about your life mantra? Then we suggest having those words tattooed on the back of your neck. But if you want to keep it as little and small as possible, we recommend that you stick to life mantras that contain only three words or less.


Abstract lines or dots

This is one of the most popular tiny tattoo ideas mainly because it is the most discreet of all. If necessary, you can just easily cover it up with a dab of makeup.

Tiny Initial

Tiny Initial

Since we are already going down the tiny route, why don’t you try having your initials tattooed near your wrist? The best thing about this? You just need to wear a bracelet or a watch and voila–it’s gone!

With these tiny tattoo ideas, you can now finally achieve your tattoo dreams without having to worry about concealing it!

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