Remove The Under Eye Wrinkles And Let Your Eyes Do The Talking!

How to get rid of under-eye wrinkles? "Effective and natural ways to reduce under eye wrinkles and look youthful again by cutting down the bad habits"

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated March 9, 2023
Remove The Under Eye Wrinkles And Let Your Eyes Do The Talking!

Under eye wrinkles are annoying. It gives people the impression that you haven’t been sleeping well or you are overdoing work. In short, it makes you look stressed-out, and a bit older than you actually are! Ladies, we need to get this fixed right away okay?

Isn’t it amazing when people get to notice how lovely your eyes are? It kind of brings you fluttering butterflies in your stomach, right? Sadly, the exact opposite of this happy feeling hits you and lingers a few while when they get to notice the wrinkles just below your eyes!

Don’t let your eyes betray you! There are natural ways and commercial ways you can fix those wrinkles. Here are the ways you can do to remove under eye winkles.


1. Pamper Your Eyes With Massage


 Pamper Your Eyes


Because we like everything extra fast, it seems for us that something that doesn’t work immediately is a hoax. If it doesn’t work on the first try, maybe it wouldn’t really work at all. If that’s the case, even laser treatments are a hoax!

Gently massaging your eyes every day can have a great effect when done regularly and consistently. This simple circular motion of pressure application around the eyes and the face stimulates blood flow in two ways.

Your warm fingers stimulate the blood flow to your skin. The gentle pressure also facilitates blood perfusion. This combination, when done consistently, elevates the overall health level of your skin! Start doing this now as part of your beauty regimen!


2. Use Some Facial Masks


Use Some Facial Masks


Homemade masks were a fad a few millennia ago. During the age of Queens and Princesses, there were no commercially manufactured masks! And what do you know? The royalties have maintained the health of their skin in top shape, above the beauty of the nobles and commoners!

What did they use? Well, they probably employed apothecaries to make use of what is available that time. Flower oil extracts, honey, lemon, and other stuff that is probably also in the kitchen!

A tablespoon of Aloe Vera extract, a tablespoon of finely shredded carrot, and one egg white can make you an invigorating mask that nourishes your skin from the outside. Isn’t it funny that many people have these in their gardens and your kitchen and not making the most out of it?


3. Exercise Your Way To a Tighter Skin Around The Eyes


Exercise Your Way To a Tighter Skin


Exercise is a great way to keep the body young. Yes, many researches have been made and have proven that regular exercise can keep the body young. The body functions deteriorate as we grow older and it grows on us quicker when we are inactive. This is where exercise takes its major role.

Before we had machines, computers, and other stuff that makes life easier, everything was done in manual labor. Physical activity was part of daily living. No wonder people had a much longer average life back then! Now back to the skin, the skin is the furthest organ from the heart. It is the last to receive the blood flow. If we don’t have a healthy heart, the skin gets the poorest nourishment. You see, the doctors are endorsing exercise for a good reason!

If we can just exercise regularly our skin under the eyes can get better blood flow too!


4. Take Advantage Of Commercial Products Too


Take Advantage Of Commercial Products


Back to the Queens and Princesses era, there were no detailed researches and testing happening on newly formulated remedy in apothecaries, but they have found out which worked best. Now, we have statistical data and researches that point out and prove that certain ingredients work best to prevent under eye aging.

Beauty products can help you maximize the hydration and moisture in the skin. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of top rated eye cream! Hydrate your skin with essential oils and use retinol to tighten your skin. Dryness is one of your biggest enemies, so you better moisturize your skin as needed.

You can also try Skinception – Eyelasticity eye serum. it is an age-defying eye therapy cream that aims to element all anti-aging issues. It can also help to solve your skin problems with rich and formulated ingredients.

5. Employ The Most Advanced Treatment Technology


Advanced Treatment Technology


There was a time that lasers are just a concept. It developed into something powerful and useful for destruction and the movies. Now, science has been able to harness the potential of lasers to use them therapeutically. We can now use a laser to slice through thick objects and make precise incisions on surgeries!

Aside from that, the geeks on the lab also enabled us to make use of lasers to fix skin. Lasers are now available for under eye wrinkle treatment! You can now see some high-end spa offering ablative and non-ablative laser treatments. Visit a dermatologist and seek advice on which treatment is the best and most appropriate for your skin type.

Laser treatment may need a few sessions to see changes, but it lasts longer!


6. Stop Sabotaging Yourself


Stop Sabotaging Yourself


Sorry for the blunt subheading but, there are some things we do that is against our beauty principles. Alcohol and smoking are one of them. Many, many researches have proven that both heavy alcohol consumption and smoking leads to deterioration of your body cells. Our skin and eyes manifest and tell the story of our dangerous vice!


7. Eat Healthily And Stay Healthy


Eat Healthily And Stay Healthy


Binging on fast food and other forms of unhealthy food is another form of self-sabotage. Eating healthy food and drinking the right amount of water daily can have a great effect on your skin!

Simply following these steps can lead you to have a better skin condition. Maybe some of you are already doing some of the steps above but ladies, let me emphasize this, let’s not sabotage our skin! It may be a little difficult to let go of some stuff, but, I know you would choose better skin by the end!

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