Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas {Which Will Blow Your Partner’s Mind}

Written by Meighan James, Modified February 2, 2018
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Valentine’s day is the only day of the year where it is legal for couples to be romantic and cheesy.

Running out of Valentine’s Day Date Ideas this year? Valentine’s day is the only day of the year where it is legal for couples to be romantic and cheesy. Because of this, we know that you are dying to take advantage of this once in a year opportunity. And for sure, you would want this event not just to be unforgettable but to be unique as well.

That’s why we have round up a few creative date ideas that will make your Valentine’s day more special than usual. Here are some fantastic date ideas for Valentine’s day:

1. Go On a Haunted House Tour

Are you and your partner into watching scary movies? Well, put your love for horror into action by going on a ghost tour. Today, there are plenty of haunted spots that have been opened to tourists. Signs up for one of the tours and have the most romantic and scary night of your lives! One of the best valentine’s day date ideas is to do something you both enjoy.

2. Go On a Scavenger Hunt

If you both have a competitive spirit, Valentine’s day is the best time for you to show it off. You can create your own scavenger hunt complete with photo missions and challenging activities. Or you can try joining local public scavenger events in the major cities. What awaits the winner at the end of this hunt? Plenty of sexy time and sensual products, of course! I’m sure you have great ideas on this avenue.

3. Do a Burlesque Show

Aside from being romantic and cheesy, Valentine’s day is also the perfect time for you to do something sexy that will blow your partner’s mind. So instead of the usual dinner date, why don’t you invite him over for a private striptease session? Do this, and it will be one Valentine’s he won’t forget.

4. Sign Up For a Pottery Class

Want to unleash your inner creative and artistic self? Well, sign up for a pottery class! If you have watched the pot-throwing scene in the movie Ghost, you will know why this option is one of the best Valentines day date ideas that you can ever have.

5. Enroll In a Cooking Class

If you both have a knack for cooking and eating, then joining a cooking class is the best way to spend your Valentine’s day. You will be amazed at how bonded you two will become after whipping up a new fancy recipe.

6. Volunteer

If you and your partner have a big heart for helping people, you can try out volunteering this Valentine’s day. You can join an organization who builds houses for poor people, or you can join feeding programs. Sharing your blessings with your special someone is not only of the heart-warming Valentine’s day date ideas, but it can also strengthen your bond as a couple.

7. Belt It Out In The Karaoke

Karaoke used to be a group date idea but go against the norm and head to karaoke with just you and your partner. Can you think of any other better ideas on how to celebrate your chemistry than singing a duet? We bet not! This is one of the most fun and unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.

8. Enjoy a Game Night

If you are looking for a valentine’s day date ideas for teenage couples, ditch the usual dinner and movie this time and mix things up. Make things more fun by hitting the arcade, instead. If arcades are not your thing, you will never get bored with an exciting bored game. Just try and pick one that you both like. You can interact more with your significant other and unleash each other’s competitive spirit. A pretty low key date, especially if you just started going out. No pressure, just pure fun and let loose. Let him or her see the real you while you are having fun. Afterwards, you can use all your accumulated tickets to buy each other a cute gift. Definitely one of the most exciting and fun date ideas for young couples under a limited budget.

9. Recreate Your First Date

Want to have the most romantic valentine date for your valentine’s day date 2018? This idea will surely impress your special someone. This probably sends the romantic meter on a high. You may need to have a good recall to ab able to pull this off. Do not be scared to mix things up by adding more romantic twists to create a more romantic vibe for your date night.

10. Rent An Expensive Car

Allow yourself to live a fancy life for a superb Valentine’s Day Date Idea. Play pretend and spend your entire day with your loved one by putting on beautiful clothes and driving around places. Surely, the ride itself will provide you with a uniquely wonderful experience. Day dates will never be the same.

11. Have a Sunset Date Over Wine And Chocolates

Find a spot where sunset never fails to be stunning. You can look for a camping location on a hill, a balcony in a nice restaurant, or just about any spot with an overlooking. Pop open a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. Share a romantic valentine kiss with your significant other as soon as the sky turns the perfect shade of red. Nothing beats this wonderful moment when you are all in love.

12. Go To a Shooting Range

Wondering what are some cute valentine’s day date ideas? Why not be totally unconventional and have a grand time at the shooting range. Your adrenaline will certainly get you pumping. This is perfect for couples who love a bit of competition. You don’t have to stick to the usual romantic valentine’s day date ideas, what’s important is that you will have fun with your SO. Great ideas depend on your personal choice.

13. Shun The Rest Of The World

Turn off your phones and stay away from social media. Just stay at home and begin the day with breakfast in bed complete with two cups of hot chocolate. Enjoy your own place and explore different activities you can do at the comforts of your own home. Shower together. Dane the night away with an opened bottle of champagne and end it with a sexy romantic time in the bedroom. Valentine’s Day date ideas should always finish off with that, right?

If you find yourself looking for date ideas for Valentine’s day? Feel free to copy one of this and give your special someone a moment he or she will never forget!

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