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Ways to Stay Hydrated in Summer: Say Hello to Summer And Stay Healthy

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 23, 2017
Ways to Stay Hydrated in Summer: Say Hello to Summer And Stay Healthy

Besides water being an important nutrient, it makes up your whole being. Approximately 40-70% of your body is water, but this percentage depends on your age and fitness level. Although staying hydrated in important, it might become more difficult especially during the summer. Your muscles tend to generate more heat especially when surrounded by hot air making it difficult for your body to maintain its normal temperatures.

Summer means spending lots of time outdoors, near the pool, and soaking up the sun. To ensure that you have healthy and fun summer days, you need to stay hydrated. Keeping your body hydrated at all times ensures that you enjoy the summer fun to the fullest. Here is how to stay hydrated in summer.


1. Prevent Thirst By Drinking Enough Water


The body is comprised of around 75% water. Therefore, in order to lead a normal healthy life, your body needs enough water. Make an effort to drink enough water every day. Be it filtered or bottled water, just drink up. Similarly, tap water will do just fine. Doctors recommend drinking 2-liters of water around 8-ounce glasses per day.


2. Monitor Your Fluid Loss


Monitor Your Fluid Loss


You are likely to lose more water in summer months than any other time. Monitor your urine’s color to determine your fluid loss. Your urine’s color will tell you whether you’ve lost a lot of water. Make sure that you maintain your urine pale yellow rather than dark yellow or too cloudy or smelly. Consider drinking some water after low to moderate intensity activities. You may also drink water before your short-duration exercise.


3. Drink Water After Every Alcoholic Drink


Avoiding alcohol altogether provides the best Ways to Stay Hydrated in summer. However, if you have to drink alcohol, consider compensating your dehydration by drinking water. Make sure you take enough water while drinking alcohol by drinking one glass of water after every alcoholic drink you put down. By so doing, you will stay healthy, and awake. Additionally, not only will this help minimize your chances of a hangover, but your body will stay hydrated.


4. Set Your Phone To Drink Water After Every Hour


Set Your Phone To Drink Water After Every Hour


The summer is characterized by lots of fun making it easier to forget to drink water. Since you are looking to keep your body hydrated all summer long, don’t let the summer fun hinder you from realizing your goal. One best way you can remind yourself to drink water is by setting a reminder on your smartphone. Doing so will make sure that you don’t miss taking water no matter the fun you are having. At the long-run, your body will be sufficiently hydrated.


5. Avoid Energy Drinks


Beverages that contain high levels of caffeine or sugar will only dehydrate you. Energy drinks contain sugars and drinking them won’t make your thirst go away, therefore, avoid them at all costs. Not only do energy drinks cause dehydration, but they also have adverse side effects. For instance, energy drinks have been shown to increase the risk of cardiac problems including tremor, shaking, palpitations, chest pain, agitations, dizziness, tingling and numbness, and ischemia. If you have to drink an energy drink, consider compensating by drinking a lot of water. Limiting yourself to one energy drink in a day can also help.


6. Drink Diluted Fruit Juices


Drink Diluted Fruit Juices


Some Summer Hydration Tips can be very fun. For instance, drinking diluted fruit juices has been shown to be an excellent way to replace lost water in summer. Sometimes, drinking water can be too bland, but this doesn’t mean you keep your body dehydrated. Enjoy a diluted fruit juice in summer to hydrate your body. Go for 100%, natural juice options that do not contain any added sugar. Some great juices that will keep your body hydrated include cranberry juice and apple juice. To maintain the hydrating power of your juice high, make sure that your juice has a higher water to juice ratio. Remember to read the ingredients label first before mixing your juice with water. You are advised to avoid cranberry juice and fruit punch cocktail as they contain added sugar. Also, avoid juices that contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose. Such juices aren’t great for hydration.


7. Spice Up Your Water By Adding a Slice Of Fruit


Spicing up your water in the summer by adding a little fruit provides the best way to stay hydrated. Some excellent fruit choices include lemon or lime, and they can make your water even more refreshing. You may also spice up your water with slices of mandarin, grapefruit, cucumber, or orange. A simple fruit slice can significantly improve your water’s taste and might even add a little of vitamin C to your body.



8. Drink Coconut Water To Stay Hydrated In The Summer


Drink Coconut Water To Stay Hydrated In The Summer


Coconut water is filled with electrolytes and can be very delicious. For this reason, it provides a great alternative to water especially during the hot weather. If you’ve been working out or sweating, replenishing the electrolyte stores of your body is an excellent way to maintain your hydration. Go for unsweetened varieties since sugars can hinder your hydration.


9. Eat Veggies And Fruits


Vegetables and fruits contain lots of water and eating them in plenty can help you stay hydrated in summer. If you are planning to spend the next day in the sun, prepare for the day by eating veggies and fruits. Consider eating a big salad with tomatoes and strawberries or snack on celery, grapes, and watermelon.



Carry around a reusable water bottle in summer to keep your body hydrated. According to some studies, individuals who carry around reusable water bottles end up drinking more water every day than those who don’t. Make your hydration efforts easier by tossing a reusable water bottle in your bag. Take sips from your bottle all day long to provide hydration to your body. Avoid plastic contaminants by going for stainless-steel water bottles. You may also go for a BPA-free plastic bottle.

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