5 Awesome Ways To Wear Sneakers In Summer: Sneaker Style Guide

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 23, 2018
Awesome Ways To Wear Sneakers In Summer

Sneakers are most probably the most versatile type of footwear that we can ever get our hands on. The ways to style it are infinite! However, some of us are stuck in the usual sneaker styling ways—with shorts, pants, and the likes! If you are already running out of options in styling your trusty old sneaker and you wish to give your street style a little revamp, let us give you a few styling points!

Here are some of the ways to wear your sneakers for instant street style points:


1.Play With Colors


Gone are the days when the solid color matching trend has ruled the fashion industry (oh, thank God!) so you do not have to match the color of your shoes with another item in your ensemble. Now, you are fully free to play with colors, and you should definitely take advantage of that if you wish to pull off a great street style.

Color blocking is now the trend so do not be afraid to mix and match unexpected colors. In fact, the more unexpected the combination is, the more street style points you can get!


Play With Colors


2.Go All Out With Prints


If playing with colors is already a boring game for you, then amp up your style factor by mixing and matching prints! Lucky for you, sneakers now come in different designs—leopard, checkered, stripes and even, florals! The sky is the limit. The only challenge that you have to deal with is to find printed clothes or dresses that will go well with these designs. With the wide array of printed clothes that we have nowadays, we doubt if this will even be a challenge for you!


Go All Out With Prints




3.Don’t Forget About Your Socks!


You may think that you have already exhausted all possible means to style your sneakers, but there is one thing that you may be forgetting—your socks! Oftentimes, this accessory takes the backseat, but if you let it rule the center stage, you can amp up your street style. So do not stop yourself from trying out—printed, colored or knee-high socks!


Don’t Forget About Your Socks!


4.Glam It Up!


Many people think that sneakers are meant to be laid back and sporty, but sometimes, the best way to style it up is to glam it up with something feminine. You can pair it with maxi, midi and mini dresses in floral prints, romantic accents, and sexy silhouette.


Glam It Up


5.Let It Shine In A Blank Canvas


Sneakers are usually the finishing touch to an outfit but this time, let us allow this footwear to be the main attraction. How do we do that? By pairing with an all-white or all-black outfit! It might be the last thing on your mind to wear with a monochromatic outfit, but we assure you—this styling suggestion totally works!


Let It Shine In A Blank Canvas



There are more to styling sneakers than what we are used to! The tips mentioned above will surely take your street style to a whole new exciting and trendier level!

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