10 Weight Loss Mistakes You Were About To Commit

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017
Weight Loss Mistakes

So are you all set to get rid of that extra fat in your body? Well pretty surely you can’t! You can’t as you are making these weight loss mistakes. Getting rid of that extra fat in your body is not an easy task as you may imagine. Most of us believe eating less and exercising more will help us lose a lot of fat in no time.

So if you are planning to start your weight loss journey, reading this beforehand might just save you from a lot of trouble.

No Strategy

Not having a proper plan

Starting without a proper plan is always a mistake. Start your weight loss process by setting up small goals that are realistic and can be achieved during the period you set them for. Once you complete them, move on to the next.

Same Routine Exercise

Following the same exercise routine

Although you may see results from your exercise routine in the first few days or weeks, there’s a chance that a visible progress may disappear with time. So it’s always advised to change the routine you follow after some time and also to follow the FIT principle by varying either the frequency, intensity or time.

Skipping Meals

Skipping meals

Following a weight loss diet doesn’t always mean that you should reduce your food intake to a minimum possible amount. Skipping your regular meals can actually have a negative impact on your goal. Therefore it’s best to have small nutrient-rich meals at regular intervals than skipping complete meals.

Insufficient Water Intake

Not drinking enough water

The fact that you’re on a diet shouldn’t stop you from drinking water. Drinking water is one of the best ways for you to be in perfect health. In fact, it’s a proven fact that drinking more water and eating food that contains a lot of water can reduce the amount of food you intake during meals.

Too slow and lazy

Being too lazy to exercise

“I will do it tomorrow” or “I don’t have enough time right now” are phrases that we hear all the time. But remember, every time you say “Not Today” the possibility of it never happening increases. And if you do it right, 10 minutes is enough on days when you don’t have enough time. So shake off your laziness and start exercising.

Not Sufficient Nutrition

Cutting down necessary elements

Some people believe that cutting down proteins will speed up your process of losing weight and that cutting down sugary fruits will help reach your goal faster. But, proteins are as important as other types of food. It’s okay to reduce the intake of proteins but if you go below the necessary amount for your body, you’ll be in trouble. And the same goes for sugary fruits, although they contain a large amount of sugar, the fiber in them will cancel off the extra sugar and keep you in good health.

Insufficient Sleep

Not getting enough sleep

What’s sleep got to do with exercise, right? Wrong. Having an adequate and regular sleep patterns is important. Because when you are sleep deprived, you tend to eat way more than usual.

Liquids only in

Replacing meals with liquids

Although replacing a meal with a green or fruit juice seems like a good idea, it’s not so. This is because you don’t get the balanced nutrition required from a smoothie or a juice. Sometimes it only contains a few of the nutrients and most of the time, too much sugar, and added sweeteners.

Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills

Weight loss pills may seem like the charm that you’d been waiting for. But they don’t give you the long term results you expect. Don’t rely on weight loss pills as a quick solution because their results won’t last long and some may even not be good for your health.

Giving Up

Giving up because you don’t see a progress

A successful weight loss routine takes planning, attention and most importantly, patience. Sometimes your progress will halt suddenly or you may not see a progress at all for the first few weeks. But it’ll be a great mistake to stop your diet and exercise plan because you didn’t get instant results. Most weight loss plans take a long time to give results, so be patient.

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