What Is Rebound Sex? Psychological Reasons And Health Benefits

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 23, 2018
what is rebound sex

What is rebound sex? Well, as the term implies, it involves having sex after a breakup. Not all relationships work out for the best, right? Some don’t end up with some sort of happy ending. But sometimes, intense moments haunt you and make you want some more in your life.

However, reconnecting with your ex will probably mess things up. The gesture may send a different message to your past partner and may make things difficult for both of you. Instead of getting over your ex, it may reignite your feelings. It may not be a good idea for either party.

This is where a rebound relationship can probably prevent you from re-establishing contact with your ex. Instead of having your mind fixed with your ex, you can spend it with another person to take your mind off your past. This can be a no strings attached set up, or it could be deeper than that.


1. Why The Rebound Hookup


why the rebound hookup


There are numerous reasons why a rebound relationship can be good for you. But mind you, this type of relationship is not for everyone. When parameters are not clear to either of the party, there is a risk that a person may get emotionally involved and get hurt. So, before hooking up a rebound, be sure that you and the prospective partner is aware of the setup.

  • Dowse The Rekindling Flame.

There are times that you may be missing the intimate moments you had with your ex and you may be tempted to hookup. But, having a rebound partner can help you dowse the flame before you make a bigger mistake of connecting with your past.

  • Buys You Time To Think About The Past.

It normal to be preoccupied and confused about what happened between you and your ex. You may even think about storming your way through his apartment for a confrontation. But, that would not be wise, right? A rebound helps keep you company while you think what happened through.

  • Perfect Excuse To Avoid Your Ex.

Whatever the reason is, you are not the only person that misses the intimacy. Your ex may be eager to contact you for a quick hookup. Without a rebound, it is easy to say yes to the bliss. But seeing someone is a perfect reason to say no.

  • Keeps Your Emotions In Check.

It can be easy to lose your wits when you are physically and emotionally tired. And you know what, without company, it may get worse. Having someone by your side can help you take that unwanted emotion off and turn it into productive energy.



2. Is Rebound Sex Good For Health?


is rebound sex is good for health


It’s a known fact that having sex has a long list of health benefits, right? Whatever type of sex it is that satisfies carnal pleasure, it has a positive effect on the mind.

  • Strengthens Your Body And Keeps Your Mind Sharp.

Sex is a fantastic exercise. It makes the blood rush in your veins and keeps your body moving. This definitely wards off sickness. Aside from keeping you physically in top shape, a good making love session leaves your mind sharp and focused.

  • Blocks Emotional Pain.

When you are feeling down, gloomy, or even depressed, your bodily functions go down with your mood. Yes, you are more susceptible to physical ailments when you are mentally suffering. Well, suffer no more. A rebound relationship can take that off from you.

  • Boosts Your Self-Esteem.

Breaking-up makes people feel like crap. Maybe not all the time, but it robs you of your confidence and self-esteem. It’s as if you are not worthy anymore. This is where a rebound partner can lift you up. It can bring back your lost self-esteem that your ex might have taken with him when you parted ways.


3. The Pros And Cons


pros and cons of rebound sex


There are a lot of intricacies about what is rebound sex. It has a good number of benefits for you, and a good set of disadvantages too. Remember that a rebound relationship is like a double-edged sword. If cuts both ways. If you are not careful, you may cut yourself.

Before entering into one, be sure that you can handle it and you are ready for whatever it has in store for you. Breaking up is sad. Adding another person to the equation, when the relationship is not clear, can be a little tricky and may not end up as you expect it.

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