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What to Wear With Cowboy Boots

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 17, 2022
What to Wear With Cowboy Boots

Whether you’ve got a pair of cowboy boots, or you’re going to be buying some, you will be asking yourself what to wear with your new shoes. The great thing about cowboy boots is that they are so versatile to wear with almost anything you already have in your closet.

Cowboy boots are fashionable, comfortable, and long-lasting. Once you invest in one pair, you will have them for years and years. They also are an item that gets better with age and wear.

What other fashion item do you have with that quality?

It’s easy to pair boots with denim jeans or leggings, but there are a few style options that you might not have considered.

Try these ideas next time you feel like spicing up your outfit with cowboy boots. 

5 Fashion Trends to Wear with Cowboy Boots

  1. Flowery Maxi Dresses

  2. A maxi dress is easy to throw on and go out in and look very stylish. A flowery maxi dress can be worn with ankle boots or tall cowboy boots. 

  3. Black Skinny Jeans

  4. Of course, you can wear regular denim jeans, but try your cowboy boots with skinny black jeans, which are naturally slimming. With tall black cowboy boots, you will elongate your legs while providing an edgier look that easily goes from day-to-night. You can also wear any color of cowboy boots with black skinny jeans, which means you will have more daily options for outfit choices. 

  5. Leather Mini Skirt

  6. Again, skip the denim and try a leather mini skirt with a pair of boots that have a fun detail or are a non-traditional like white. Or try black if your skirt is black. This is a great outfit to wear as summer is ending and the temperature is heading into cooler weather. 

  7. Romper

  8. Another great transition outfit from spring to summer or summer to fall is a romper. If you choose a cowboy boot with a heel, it will give you the illusion of longer legs. It’s also a great outfit to wear to any fun, casual event. 

  9. Any Dress With Tights

  10. The styling options for cowboy boots are so versatile. During colder months you can wear them with one of your favorite dresses with some tights. If you want to really have some fun, wear tights with a pattern or color. 

Now that you know what to wear with cowboy boots, here are a few tips more tips on how to wear them long-term: 

  • Don’t go overboard with the cowboy theme unless you work on a ranch. Too much denim and cowboy boot can look like a farmhand, not a fashion icon.

  • Let your boots age naturally. Cowboy boots age beautifully as long as you take care of the leather, but scuffs and fading can give them a more personalized look.

  • Wear them thoughtfully. Add cowboy boots to your outfit to show your flair for fashion, but don’t pair them with every item every day.

How will you be styling your boots? Please comment and share your thoughts.

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