Why Are Eyebrows So Important? See How They Change The Way You Look

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 23, 2018
Why Are Eyebrows So Important

Women from all over the world exert great time and effort in perfecting their brows, and many men do not understand the need for this daily feat. Why do women have to shape their brows? Why do they have to spend time and effort shaping their eyebrows? What difference does it make?

Well, it makes a lot of difference! Can you imagine how people with no eyebrows look? Take a look at various pictures online, and you will surely be creeped out with how people look with no eyebrows. Still wondering why women will do everything to get their eyebrows perfected? No? If those pictures are not good enough reason for you, then continue reading this article for you to finally understand the importance of having a perfectly shaped brow.


1. The Importance Of Eyebrows


The Importance Of Eyebrows


So why eyebrows so important? There are plenty of reasons why!

First off, good looking eyebrows make you look well rested even if you slept just for a few minutes the night before!

Second, shaping your brows is the best way to give your face a subtle makeover without having to put full makeup on!

Third, they can also make you look younger which is a far more affordable option than having Botox!

Fourth, you can forego putting on the rest of your makeup products when you already have perfectly shaped brows which reduce the amount of time needed for you to prepare in the morning!

Fifth, it makes your eye shine brighter and looks bigger. In fact, it may just be the much more affordable alternative to eye lift!



2. The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face Shape


 The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face Shape


With the advantages we have mentioned above, it is understandable why no woman can ever bear the thought of going out without having an eyebrow fill in. But achieving the perfect eyebrow shape is no easy feat. There are many things to consider and steps that need to be taken.

One of the things to keep in mind when shaping your brows is no other than your face shape. Keep in mind that not all eyebrow shapes are created equal, and that is why you need to determine which eyebrows shape will work for your face shape. We have a few tips below to help you with that!

If you have an oval face shape or your face seems to gently taper towards your chin, the best eyebrow shape for you is one with a soft arch that will highlight your jawline and cheekbones.

If you have a long face shape, you should opt for flat eyebrows. This shape can help break up your face in the brow bone area, making it look shorter than it really is.

If you have a round face or when the length and width of your face are of the same size, you should shape your brows in a way that it has a high arch so it can make your face look longer. Never opt for round eyebrows as these can make your face look rounder.

If you have a prominent jawline, it means that you have a square face shape. In order to add a bit of softness to your look, opt for softly curved brows or high arches.

If you have a pointy chin and wide forehead, you have a heart shaped face. For this, the perfect eyebrow would be the ones that have a gentle curve to break up the forehead and balance the pointy-ness of the chin.

Keep in mind that your brow shape covers three aspects—the length, thickness, and arch of your brows. So do consider all these three when shaping your brow and you will never go wrong!


3. Eyebrow Shaping Tips Every Woman Should Know


Eyebrow Shaping Tips Every Woman Should Know


To perfectly shape your brows, here are the eyebrow shaping steps that you need to take.

Step 1. Brush your brows with the use of a brow brush. This will keep your brows polished, making it easy for you to spot any stray hairs.

Step 2. Trim your brow using brow scissors. If there are a few stray hairs that have already grown outside of your brow shape, cut it.

Step 3. Tweeze the stray brow hairs. This is where the brow shaping starts. Removing unwanted stray hairs can help your brow look more polished. However, you should avoid over-tweezing your brows because super-thin eyebrows are already so last decade!

If you do not know how to properly shape your brows, have a professional shape it for you. You can then maintain the shape by plucking any brow hair that will grow out of place.

Step 4. Fill in your brows. There will be sparse areas in your brows which detract to the look of your brows. You can fill these spaces in with the use of eyebrow pencil, brow powder or an eye shadow applied using a brush. Make sure that you use a shade that has the same tone as the natural color of your brow.

Fill in the brows beginning on the inner corner then brush it up. After that, brush up the rest of your brow then fill the gaps along the shape of your brow with a brow powder. If after you have done this, you can still see a few bare spots, cover them up using an eyebrow pencil.

Step 5. Keep eyebrow in place with the use of a clear brow gel shaper. This will help tame unruly brows!
And that is how it should be done! Each step in this process is important so make sure you will not leave out any of these steps.

How your eyebrow looks make a lot of difference on how you will look. While we claim that our hair is our crowning glory, it is our eyebrows that set the tone for our face. Because of this, it is quite understandable why women go to great lengths just to make sure that they will get that perfect eyebrow shape. They would rather have bad hair day than suffer the pain of having a bad eyebrow.

“Hope you find the post helpful and we are excited to hear what you think of it!”

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