Unexpected Causes Of Weight Gain In The Winter

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017
Winter Weight Gain

So you are done with attending all the holiday parties, and you are more than ready to settle down and write your New Year’s Resolution. The first on your list? To lose excess weight that you have gained over the winter holidays, of course!

As we all know, winter is the time for merrymaking and festive eating but isn’t it just right that we have to eat more to stay warm? If that’s the case, why are we piling up on excess pounds? Well, here are some of the unexpected causes of weight gain in winter:

 Infographics - causes of winter weight gain

You Eat Less Of Fiber-Rich Foods.

During winter, many farmer’s markets are closed so instead of consuming fresh fruits and veggies; you will settle for the most convenient option-salty snacks, fast food, and baked goodies. But all these foods will just make you hungry causing you to eat more, but in truth, your body is just craving for minerals and vitamins that only fruits and vegetables give.


You Take Refuge From Foods.

If you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), you may seek refuge from eating comfort foods that are rich in calories. If that’s the case, weight gain is inevitable.


Your Home Thermostat Is Too High.

If you love to keep your thermostat as high as 74 degrees, then we recommend that you turn it down a bit. In this way, your body will have to burn plenty of calories to make you feel warm. When your body is feeling a bit cold, your brown fats get activated which, in turn, raises your metabolism.


Your Body Is In Need Of Hydration.

During the summer season, you always have a water bottle with you, but during the winter season, you may have already forgotten about it. For your information, your body needs proper hydration during winter as much as you do during summer and if you do not consume enough water, you will get dehydrated. Being dehydrated mimics the effect of hunger and it may cause you to reach out for food when it is water that you need.


You Fall Victim To Comfort Drinks.

You may shy away from eating comfort food during the holidays because it brings on too much pounds. But did you know that the comforting hot cocoa can tip the scale too? In fact, having a cup of it at night can add about 300 more calories to your daily consumption, resulting in lots of weight gain over the winter season.


You Can’t Squeeze Workouts Into Your Busy Schedule.

Party here, party there—how can you find the time to work out? In addition to that, the thick snow will make it difficult for you to go to the gym and the cold weather will make you too lazy to get up and do at-home exercises. Sounds familiar? We bet it is!

Understanding these causes can help us prevent unexpected weight gain in winter. We wish you luck on your New Year’s Resolutions!

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