Zendaya “No Makeup” Makeup Look Perfects Her In All Natural Way

Written by Florence Deffis, Modified December 7, 2017

Facial makeup has a variety of options. One has to make his or her face different to suit the mood of the moment. Having your makeup artist who has mastered the art of makeup is another challenge altogether. It can also be expensive to hire one if you don’t have deep and heavy pockets. Having the best makeup to make you stunning at the red carpet comes with many responsibilities. One has to make his or her face pop on at every occasion. The skin, on the other hand, should be able to sing and look healthy. The contouring should be careful and light as well as appropriate contouring. The dynamics of makeup change from time to time. It’s up to you to know what makeup is trending at any particular time. Most of us look up to celebrity makeup artists and celebrities themselves for fashion and makeup updates. The world of technology has neither let us down. The social media platforms have become the best areas to seek after the latest makeup techniques and tips. In the world of beauty appearances, one stunning celebrity has never let us down with her quality red carpet looks. Majority of us if not all of us look upon Zendaya. The 20-year-old actress has touched the hearts of many with her own “no makeup” makeup look at her shots in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Zendaya no makeup look has stunned many on the fashion limelight. To our surprise, she has admitted being doing most of her makeup. Here are some of the tips we picked from zendaya without makeup tips.

1. Covering Acne Scars

Zendaya Without Makeup

Many ladies out there have a mentality that acne is one of the barriers to getting that desirable makeup. Believe me, that acne should not be a barrier for a cool makeup. Zendaya makeup tips are proof that you can still look perfect with the no makeup look. When we wake up in the morning and freshen up, we all feel bad when we look at the mirror only to see our bare face covered with acne scars. The Zendaya no makeup tips in her app where it was revealed that Zendaya too has acne scars. Her quick beauty routine is always enhanced with simple products that fit her handbag. Zendaya makeup tutorial shows how you can easily cover the acne spots. To achieve the Zendaya no makeup look, Zendaya herself prepares the skin by washing her face. After cleaning the face, Zendaya applies some moisturizer to calm down the skin. Zendaya has a challenge with her chin which has some few acne scars. She suggests cream concealer to help cover any spots in her chin. She uses the tips of her fingers to apply the concealer. The concealer can also be used to cover the acne scars on areas under the eyes.

2. Eye Makeup

Zendaya Eye Makeup

For the perfect zendaya eye makeup, she applies bronzer on her eyelids instead of using eyeshadow. She uses her fingers to apply the bronzer. For her to define her eyes with the Zendaya no makeup look, she follows with cream blush then applies fiber mascara from Covergirl on her lashes. She finishes the perfect eye makeup with an angled brush and taupe brown shade.

3. Face Makeup

Zendaya Face Makeup

In Zendaya no makeup routine, we learn that after using concealer to cover the scars, she uses a dab of Aquaphor to prime her cheekbones and nose. She also adds up with a dewy highlighter. For a total effect, Zandeya prefers a shimmery glow that’s little too polished.

4. Lip Makeup

Zendaya Lip Makeup
One of Zendaya’s favorite products is the clear lip gloss. She describes this lip gloss as underrated and one that is never appreciated. However, she defines it as a wonderful tool that makes the lips to look amazing.


5. Hair Makeup

Zendaya Hairstyles
Zendaya rocks with her experimental wigs and natural hairstyles which rock her on the red carpet. Zendaya rocks the red carpet with different hairstyles. Whether its dreadlocks or major curls, her hair makeup inspires many ladies whenever she appears at any function. Among the best hair designs, Zendaya rocks with the blonde mullet, mega curls, teased pony, blonde wavy bob, and bangs and Teased pony among others. Many ladies can’t stop obsessing over her hair. Among her favorite hair makeup product is the styling cream gel to make the curls right. She loves her hair natural and uses the gel that is not crunchy. She has to shampoo her hair every day, and she concentrates on the roots only so that her hair doesn’t dry out. If she has to use a hair mask, then Argan Oil rejuvenating mask is the best. She uses it at least twice a week.

Among the greatest Zendaya, no makeup beauty secrets include the following;

  • Going easy on makeup – Zendaya encourages her fans not to wear too much makeup since its weird.
  • Keeping skincare routine simple – Zendaya prefers less makeup when it comes to taking care of the skin. She uses makeup removing wipes, lightweight moisturizer and Carmex for lips.
  • Avoiding strong ingredients – Zendaya uses makeup that is easy on the skin. Among her must-have products include; makeup remover cleansing towelettes, clinque dramatically different moisturizing gel and Carmex moisturizing lip balm.
  • Starting with the eye first – Zendaya’s tip includes starting with the eyes first before going to the rest of the face. This is the secret of avoiding the eye makeup fallout from falling over the face makeup.

Through following the Zendaya makeup tutorial, you will realize that you will never have to use tonnes of makeup to look gorgeous. She encourages ladies to be confident with whom they are. She also urges ladies not to have issues with their body image or self-hate. The first step of any woman before applying out any makeup is to first love herself. All Zendaya loves is to empower women by trying out new things and encourage them to try them too. In conclusion, Zendaya’s number one thing is taking off her makeup before going to the skin.

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