7 Unbeatable Abs Workout That Aren’t Crunches

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 24, 2017
Abs Workout

Want to get rock hard abs, but you’re already bored doing crunches all week long? When it comes to abs exercises, crunches in the go-to exercise. But as it turns out, this exercise only make use of the superficial muscles in your abdomen. So when it comes to having a strong core, this exercise is totally useless.

But before you totally give up your hopes of getting the abs that you have always dreamt of, we have one good news for you—there are plenty of abs exercises out there other than crunches! Want to know what these are? Well, we got seven of them below!

Dolphin Push-Ups

Dolphin Push-Ups

Start by doing a forearm plank position. Keep neck neutral and spine long. Draw abs toward the spine and inhale as you do so. Afterwards, raise your hips pointing to the ceiling. As you exhale, go back to your plank position.

Dumbbell Push up

Dumbbell Push up Row

Put a pair of dumbbells shoulder-width apart on the floor. Start with a push up position with your hands grabbing the handles of the dumbbells. Lower down your entire body to the floor. Push back up after a few seconds. Return to starting position then using your right arms, pull the dumbbells close to your chest. Hold for a while then return to starting position and do the same thing with your left hand.

Plank Walk

Plank Walk

Do a high plank position. Lower to your right forearm then to your left. Go back to starting position by pressing from left to right. Do this for 60 seconds. After the 30 second mark, let the left arm lead the way.

Windmill position


Stand tall with your feet more than shoulder-width apart, and your left toes and knees turned out. Hold a kettlebell or dumbbell using your right hand. Press hips to the right then slowly slide down your left hand to your left leg. Go back to starting position. Do this for 15 times then repeat steps on the left side.

Hip Dips

Hip Dips

Do a forearm plank. Pull your abs closer to your spine, stacking your left hip over to the right. Try to keep your body stable as you do so. Hold then go back to starting position. Do the steps with the other side afterwards.

Plank Jack

Plank Jack

Do a high plank. Brace your core then jump and place your feet wider-than-hip width apart. In one swift motion, jump and put the feet back together. Do this for 60 seconds.

Military Planks

Military Planks

Do an elbow plank with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Lift your right elbow up then place your right hand in the place where your elbow has been. Do a full plank by pressing through your right hand, straightening the left arm as you do so. Lower your body back down by putting your right elbow where your hands were. Do this for 10 times before switching to your right.

These abs exercises will truly tighten and build your core like no amount of crunches can do!

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