Become a Contributor

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated January 15, 2019
Become a Contributor

We’re Looking for You is looking for motivated, passionate, and knowledgeable experts in the field of aesthetics, health, beauty, wellness, personal training, nutrition, yoga, dermatology or any other field relating to overall wellness. If you are not a professional or certified expert in any of these fields, we may also want you to contribute to our site if you are a blogger on any of these topics or have intriguing experience or firsthand knowledge that our community will find valuable. If you already know that you have what it takes to become a contributor to our trusted site, jump right ahead and read our guidelines.

The First Step

The first step to becoming a contributor is a very important one because we work hard to maintain a distinguishable line between advertising and useful content. This is why you must first go through a verification process and join our network of verified experts. This ensures that no content that is blatantly in favor of a product or promoting a product or service makes it onto our site. If you are looking to advertise on our site or to add sponsored content, we ask that you go through the proper channels and contact us with the pertinent information.

Reviewer Opportunities

Our mission here at is to keep our avid readers abreast of the latest in health and beauty. This is why we regularly publish product and service reviews. You can contribute to our site as a reviewer, taking an in-depth look at new products and also reviewing some of our existing content, making any needed updates or adding to it with your unique perspective or knowledge.

Recurring Contribution From Experts

You can work with us in a number of ways. For example, if you are just looking to contribute one or two articles, we welcome your submission. If you want to become a regular contributor, we are more than eager to work with you. To become a recurring contributor, you must have submitted 2 articles that we publish on our site. Once you have completed this task you will have your own author’s page on our site which will require the following::

  • At least one photo of yourself that reflects the attitude and quality of
  • A short bio (400 characters) that highlights some of your accomplishments or that establishes you as a beauty or wellness authority. This is your chance to make yourself accessible to our community and share with a large group of like-minded individuals.
  • Any social media pages of yours that you would like to be linked to your author’s page here at

Upon your third approved submission, all of the above information will be displayed next to every article that is published on our site.

The Benefits of Being A Contributor

Becoming a contributor comes with a wide range of benefits. First of all, you will be able to speak directly to our 124,000 monthly viewers on a variety of health and beauty related topics. This is a great opportunity to make your individual voice heard and to share your unique experiences. This is a great way to network and to connect with potential clients as well.

You will also earn the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you have helped people from all over the globe make informed decisions related to their quality of life. Thousands of women come to our site every day in search of expert advice and caring opinions so becoming a contributor also affords you the chance to really make a difference in people’s lives.

Finally, as a contributor, you will be able to expand your digital footprint and build up an impressive professional portfolio. This is the ideal situation for all aspiring beauty, skincare, and health writers as well as seasoned experts to make themselves known in the community and beyond.

Contributor Article Guidelines

  • Stay under 1500 words.
  • Define Terms: When using industry specific terms or technical jargon be sure to explain the words or phrases in parentheticals upon the first use in the article.
  • Include valid reference links to establish authority on the topic and to encourage further reading.
  • Adopt a friendly and personable voice. We want our readers to feel that they are getting information and advice from trusted friends, not cold and indifferent consultants. The tone of the content should be casual yet still professional and informative.
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists often. Itemizing information makes it easier for the reader to digest and makes the content look more complete and attractive in a digital setting.
  • Engage the audience with a personal voice. Share your firsthand experiences. Make your content relatable to the average reader. This helps to engage the reader and affirms that you are a real person, not a bot.

Submit Your Post

If you are ready to become a contributor now is the time to act. We are currently accepting one-time guest contributions as well as ongoing monthly contributor positions and submitting is easy! You can make your submission by pitching an idea for content or sending in a completed piece ready for publication. Remember that we are looking for experts in their field or passionate writers with vast personal experience in the topics we cover. If you think you have what it takes, you can reach us on

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